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Website Redesign

Since the introduction of the internet, websites had played a major role for people to get hooked into what interests them the most. In almost two decades, web development and designing have earned enough recognition so much so, that there has been a job industry thriving with developers. Hiring a web design company or individual web developers is a much easier task today.

A website is a long-time commitment, thus, it requires nurturing every now and then. It is also to be noted that, the basic functioning of a website or the internet as a whole, is subjected to constant change. In order to stay relevant and connect with as much as an audience possible is the ultimate purpose of developing any business website.

The idea of redesigning the business website is a popular phenomenon among business websites that are constantly looking to grab the attention of their audiences. The internet is a vast space, and in order to survive the competition, a business has to present something worth the time of their visitor and they find a reason to be back.

This is why redesigning often becomes very crucial. For redesigning it is important for the company to have decent terms with the development agency or else hire web developers separately.

1. What are the benefits of redesigning a website?

Benefits of redesigning a website

Redesigning websites has often proven to be beneficial for the company, as revamping the entire thing may attract a few onlookers to the website. The website design should be simple enough for the user to understand the basic structure and functions, and also be interested in the content enough to stay on the page for some time or engage in business. Here are a few benefits to redesigning your website.

  • With everything upgrading at an exponential rate, your website cannot simply remain outdated. Revamping or redesigning your business website simply transpires into offering a fresh idea mindset to your target audience and tank up the conversion rate.
  • Well-designed websites with relevant content are the most preferred. Thus, you have to provide the most relevant content and design that the audience can come back to.
  • Search engine ranking is everything to a website. And, search engines look up at every intricate detail on your website in order to give it a deserved position among so many others. A better design, performance, speed everything matters. Revamping makes it eligible for greatness.
  • In a way, redesigning can cost quite a bit. But if you are staying up to date with small patchwork now and then can really save a lump sum amount in the long run.
  • A website that hasn’t been updated to the latest program framework may cost your website its speed. Redesigning looks at all these aspects and makes the website fit for current-day usage, especially your target audience.

Whether you hire a new web design company or ask your old web developers to do the bid, website redesigning has many advantages for a business website. In short, designing a website looks at all the lacking the website previously had and improvising on those grounds, and implements a few things that follow the universal news rules and regulations for SEO ranking.

2. Why is it important to redesign a website?

Why important to redesign a website

When you are thinking about the importance of redesigning your business website, there are plenty. The idea of redesigning mostly occurs when the website is not doing as well as expected, or simply to upgrade the design to a better one. However, you put it, a website redesign is so much more important, in a world that is ever-changing.

  • A business has to present something interesting on their website in order to attract more audience every time. Thus, the website will have to always keep reinventing its design in order to have a decent impression at all times.
  • Websites use different content management software for managing the whole thing. However, with time, this type of software requires some maintenance or up-gradation. Outdated software may cause minimal to serve technical issues. Website revamping will fix these issues firsthand.
  • When you think of redesigning your website, you have to be thinking about adding a few things. Innovative ideas are key to banking more audiences in today’s time. Hence, redesigning may give your vision a new perspective.
  • If you have been following any website for some time now, you would have definitely noticed a changing trend. This is the case for all websites. As we have said before, the internet is an ever-changing platform, thus, the content in it has to evolve almost equally fast.

With all that being said, it is easy to understand now that, website redesigning is essential to keep up with the trend. However, you have to be a bit cautious about hiring a new web development agency.

3. When Is the right time to redesign?

Time to redesign

Redesigning is basically remodeling the whole thing, changing something that you don’t like and replacing it with something better or entirely new. Thus, you have to be sure before setting off for it, how you want it to be. It is only viable for you to know what you want to be changed and what to remain.

If you have aren’t satisfied with the design, speed of the website, features, CMS program, audience response, and most importantly, the conversion rate, then, redesigning might be the solution. But, you will still need to check every aspect before actually going to hire web developers for the revamping.

4. What is the reason for redesigning?

Reason for redesigning

We all know that website designing or redesigning is associated with a lot of investments so before investing it’s essential to set your goal properly. Ask yourself why do you want to redesign? What is the purpose behind it? Will it help you to achieve your dream goal? With all these questions it will be easier for you to find the reason behind redesigning.

5. How is the website performing currently?

Website performance

Before considering redesigning your website it is advisable to check the performance of your current website. Some of the following factors you must check before making the decision.

Features: How the features of your current website are performing whether they are user friendly or not or if you need to add something more. Add more visual cues if possible. Visual cues have an immediate impression and allow the user to symbolize the visual cues in their own interpretation.

Speed: Check the loading speed of each page of your site. Increased website speed has been a definite reason for the SEO ranking of a website, hence, backing out is not entirely an option.

Design: Is your website aesthetically pleasing? What else you can add to make it looks more attractive? The design should be reflective of the whole theme of the business and still have the oomph to it.

Performance: How is the overall performance of your site? Is it able to grab the audience’s attention? How is it functioning? While you are redesigning your business website make sure to check its performance and speed. So, that the user has the best experience on your website the next time.

By checking all these aspects and asking these questions you will be able to map the performance and will able to evaluate the need for redesign.

6. Who is your target audience?

Your target audience

Mapping your audience will help you to make certain changes to your website. If you are targeting a certain age group then mirror it into your website design. If you are targeting women between teenage to mid-age then keep the design simple with lots of aesthetic features and informative content in the same niche!

If you are targeting young adults then it is natural they would be technically advanced. Interesting and wise technical features will attract them more. In order to hire web developers that have certain technical skills that may work on your target audience is important to look out for.

7. Are your competitors on the same page?

Your Competitors

Study your competitors’ websites. It will help you to understand what they are using and whatnot. If you like certain features in your competitor’s websites then try to add them in a better and modified way.

Check what they are lacking and then try to include it on your website. In this way, it will help you to have an in-depth understanding.

8. Is there any SEO plan in action?

Any SEO Plan

SEO is a tool for your website. A proper SEO plan can make or break your website. Consider redesigning as a new beginning and include an SEO strategy that helps you to improve your google ranking. Implementing useful keywords, backlinks from original content, speed of the website, user experience are among the things that most dominantly influence the SEO ranking of a website. Mostly, a web design company has all this knowledge and will help you achieve your goal.

9. Have you considered the budget?

Considered the Budget

The most vital part of web designing is the cost associated with it. Believe it or not, it’s expensive. So evaluating the budget is important. You can get plenty of design ideas at various budgets.

If budget is not an issue then go for a lavish design with numerous features. But if you are having a limited budget then hire freelance web developers who will give you a wonderful design idea at a very reasonable rate.

10. Which platform should be more useful?

More useful platform

CMS or content management software has become lately more prominent in website development. This type of software is built to help you manage your to the optimal level with SEO features without having to hire an agency for every little thing. WordPress, Magento is among the popular CMS software available. A web design company will most certainly inform you about such software while doing the work.

11. Should you hire somebody new for the job?

Hire somebody new

Redesigning a website involves lots of activities. Not only that it require in-depth technical knowledge, sound aesthetic sense, and a lot more. So despite having technical knowledge it’s not easy to invest most of your time in redesigning.

It is best to hire a web design company or a developer who can solely dedicate his time to web development so that you can focus on your core business.

12. What will be the timeline for redesigning?

Timeline for Redesigning

Everything needs to be planned and that too within a certain time frame. That’s why it is important to negotiate the time bracket with your developer before starting on the project.


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When you are redesigning your business website, certain questions may fog your mind. This article was all about things that you should consider before embarking on redesigning your website, in order to grow the business

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