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All You Need To Know About TrustPad Clone IDO Launchpad

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All You Need To Know About TrustPad Clone IDO Launchpad

Initial DEX Offering or IDOs have quite a lot to offer, learning a lot from their predecessors; IEO, ICO, and STO models. So much so that it has proven itself to be the best fundraising method available for the time being. The TrustPad Clone also follows a similar methodology for raising funds and supporting new projects to have a chance at establishing their business.

As a decentralized platform, it already offers privacy and security. However, the most exciting fact about IDO platforms is that they allow instant liquidity. There are other reasons for IDO platforms and crypto-based projects getting such attention at the current time, and we are about to dig into that. 

The Working Process & Access To TrustPad Clone

The Working Process & Access To TrustPad Clone
The Working Process & Access To TrustPad Clone

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new thing, and not all people are still not aware of such a platform. However, if you are into cryptocurrency, you will undoubtedly have heard about the TrustPad Clone. To jog the memories of some and help the others form an idea about the platform, we have noted down the usual working process of the platform. So, without further ado, let us dive into the working process and get insights on how to access the platform in the most authentic manner. 

  • The first thing that has to be done is listing projects. For this, the project owner first needs to sign up for the platform. Then, they will have to include specific details about the project and the company. Basic info such as company name, owner name, email i.d, social media links to the whitepaper, yellow paper, and other documentation is required to get through this stage. 
  • All the info provided by the project owner will then get verified shortly, by the TrustPad Clone crew. Without verification, no project gets listed. 
  • After the verification has been completed and the project owner’s claims are legitimate, the project gets listed on the platform. As soon as the project gets added to the pools, the starting date for crowdfunding also begins. 
  • Before crowdfunding, investors can look into the details of the project and know more about them. After they have studied all they can and believe there is a certain potential for the project, they can request whitelisting themselves. When crowdfunding commences, they become one of the earliest participants to purchase the emerging tokens. However, the investors must stake native tokens prior to the crowdfunding to be eligible for the crowdfunding process. 
  • IDO crowdfunding has a few criteria set up for its investors. As mentioned early, investors need to store enough native coins to access the crowdfunding event hosted over the TrustPad Clone. This process is typically known as whitelisting. 
  • At the exact date and time of the crowdfunding, the investors can place their bids on the tokens. They will immediately start chipping inside the pool. As they purchase, they will receive a certain number of tokens that you can start using for other purposes. 

Stark Features To Include On A TrustPad Clone

Stark Features To Include On A TrustPad Clone
Stark Features To Include On A TrustPad Clone

The TrustPad Clone must come with a few authentic features to perform all the operations it has been designed to achieve. These features are chosen in connection with the requirements of the users. Even the implementation and placement of these features are well-thought. Here are the features that are essential for the platform. 

KYC Verification

Verification is the key to success for a fundraising platform like this. And KYC verification happens to be one of the most trusted verification methods of today’s time. The project owner has to initially present a number of documents that will get verified before the projects are listed. Not just the details provided for the project but also personal, and company credentials will be verified thoroughly. 

Automated Liquidity Pool

This unique feature of the TrustPad Clone App initiates instant trading that matches the instant buying and selling order from its liquidity repository. Initially, before the crowdfunding begins, the investor must stake up native coins from the platform, which takes the investor further closer to liquidity. 

Multiple Staking Module

We offer various stalking modules and platforms so that your user can easily choose a platform as per their preferences, as they are getting ample choices. Under the multiple staking model, there are different tiers. These tiers are measured through the number of tokens purchased by the investors. A higher number of token staking will make the investor eligible for a higher tier.

Integrating Digital Wallet

The innovative TrustPad Clone provides an advanced digital wallet to help users store their funds. Digital wallet integration is the most important thing for a crypto-based platform. The platform could also be customized by adding other popular digital wallets like MetaTask, TrustWallet, etc. Apart from storing the tokens, the digital wallet is again used for making a transaction. 

Swift Token Access

The user is provided with immediate token access through this instant token allocation feature. As soon as the tokens are put up live over the platform, the investors who have met the criteria will get a chance to go into the allocation round. They have contributed to the liquidity pool by staking native tokens, so they become eligible for swift token access. This feature is considered one of the pillars of the entire system.

Blockchain Network Compatibility

This particular feature on the TrustPad Clone offers great compatibility through various blockchain networks and platforms like Polygon, Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance, etc. The tokens would simply be useless if restricted to only one platform and not allowed on other blockchain technology. The reason for staking these tokens is solely to conduct trading, and thus, it requires other blockchain platforms to use the tokens in some other business. 

Low Gas Fee

Being one of the best fundraising apps, the IDO launch involves very few gas fees for transactions than any other blockchain network. Thus, making it one of the best IDO launchpads of our times.

TrustPad Clone Development Process

TrustPad Clone Development Process
TrustPad Clone Development Process

When developing a TrustPad Clone, you must go through the workflow, features, and everything else that defines the platform. Above all, you will require a proper development process that eventually leads to the final product. 


We understand that at an initial level, you need investors, and this platform will create an ideal roadmap that will show the lucid perspective of your entire project, how it will take off and how it will proceed further. This whole journey within the roadmap will help a stakeholder better understand and invest more.

Whitepaper Drafting

TrustPad Clone offers whitepaper drafting that signifies what a business provides to its end customer. It can either be products or services, or solutions. After stating your planned business offering, we provide a drafted whitepaper that will help your investor to understand better.

Developing Tokens

Token development is an integral part of the IDO launch pad. We take pride in providing a variety of multichain launchpad development solutions. You can choose your preferred blockchain network to launch your IDO launchpad. Once the tokens have been developed, they will be put on the platform for whitelisting purposes. 


Marketing is an essential tool to raise funds for your new and emerging crypto-based projects. You will be needed to grab hold of a team of professional marketing personnel who will amplify the platform’s visibility by introducing specific marketing skills and charms. This personnel will create successful marketing campaigns and execute them properly to help you attract investors and raise suitable funds.

Qualities Of A TrustPad Clone Developer

Qualities Of A TrustPad Clone Developer
Qualities Of A TrustPad Clone Developer

Day by day, blockchain technology and blockchain-related services are gaining prominence. TrustPad Clone is walking on a similar line with the help of a great, exceptional development team working day in and day out. The platform offers many benefits starting with fundraising, which is the primary motive of the platform. However, you may require some help or complete guidance during the development process. There are certain qualities that the developer must have, and we will discuss that in the next part of the article. 

  • The development process of the entire platform is a hectic one. Each platform will have unique abilities and niches that need to be emphasized. However, IDO launchpad development is done off-the-shelf, listening to the project head and taking inspiration from other things. 
  • For developing a TrustPad Clone, you will need a few people. Blockchain developers, analysts, and testers are appointed during the development process. Each will have their time to show their skills and expertise and contribute their due to the platform. 
  • The development team should have an option for providing support not just through the development process but even beyond that, as technological product errors can occur at any time. Under such circumstances, you may require professional intervention. The developer’s team or agency may come with a customer support option. They can solve the problem over the phone or see it for themselves but has to stay present in such cases to prove their credibility. 
  • The platform allows the tokens to be developed under multi-chain integration. This helps the project owner decide on the blockchain technology they deem suitable for the project. 


TrustPad Clone Development
TrustPad Clone Development

Developing TrustPad Clone has a lot of layers attached to it. As a fundraising platform, it needs to shift the limelight to the projects listed on the platform so that investors notice them and may even contribute to the funding if they sense a potential. 

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