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Develop Careems Clone App Today

How difficult or easy is it to book a cab for yourself? Although many apps are in the market, few will be up to the mark! The best thing is that technology can make wonders happen, and the clone app technology is one of the most promising. The Careem app has made it big, and the visions that the entrepreneurs started it with have seen a lot of improvement. If you want to be an entrepreneur in the field and absorb the knowledge better, the best thing to do is choose the clone app today!

Only some people can afford a personal car constantly, and the worst part is that sometimes you need an apt public transport. Many individuals would prefer to hire vehicles for them, so the cab booking market is also highly vivid! If you can set up the right Careem clone app, you will be able to see that this will shoot up in significantly less time. You will also get promising revenue and make a mark in the industry. 

If you think that as a clone app, we focus only on features that are preset and identical to the original app, then that is not the case for sure! At Webrock Media, we ensure we can add and formulate many new features the way you want. All you need to do is make up your mind and decide if you want to invest and let your taxi booking service grow more with time! 

The Careem app is a pioneer in the field, and the good thing is that in significantly less time, it has solved the most prominent problem people have been going through – transportation! Who had ever thought that it doesn’t matter and you can book a taxi in your drawing room in a few seconds? Not only has it made travel easy, but it has also made it a customized experience.

 You will see that we have built the app with so much precision that based on the frequent visits of the client, the app will suggest locations. For the best experience as an entrepreneur who wants to start with this venture and make it big, there is no better than Webrock Media. We aim to help you have the best Careem clone app development, and that too without compromising on any facet!

Features of the Careem Clone App

Features of the Careem Clone App
Features of the Careem Clone App

We have already mentioned that because it is a clone app, it does not mean it has to be identical. For the app to be more convenient, we have incorporated some fantastic features and made the usage worthwhile. Some of the most promising features of the app that you can expect from us are:

1. Easy Login

Easy login is one of the app’s essential features that is a prerequisite for anyone. Supposedly, you need to go out somewhere for an emergency and book a cab as soon as possible. Would you feel it was easy and accessible if you had to go through a massive login process? 

Most people would not, which is one of the primary reasons we have a straightforward login process. All you need to do is incorporate basic details, including your name, phone number, and email address. Rest assured that this is the only data you would need to include. 

2. Payment Integration

Digitalisation has seen new ways today, which also stands true for making payments. Most of us today choose different options as per our needs, and these could shift from cash payment to online versions too. You will have easy access to all if you pay for them via online apps. 

The good thing is that once we redirect it via the app, it will also be highly safe. You need to follow a couple of steps to make the payment easily. You can also choose to set up your account and link the same with your account. Then after every ride, you need to tap and enter your password. The payment will be successful.

3. Referral and Earn

You need to promote your app enough and ensure it reaches out to people and increases usage. Because of this, we have incorporated the referral and earn option. It allows you to reinforce when any user refers your app to others. They will be able to earn coins that they can use while booking the app. 

It also increases the user base and ensures your app reaches more people in one go. After all, it is true that why would anyone refer to your app if they do not have an incentive for that? Referring and earning is one of the most foolproof methods to aid you. 

4. Promos and Discounts

You will see that as customers, the one thing we constantly look for is discounts. After all, why not save a little money if we can? Hence we have incorporated the option to add promos and discounts per your needs. If you want, you can customize them as per your needs. 

When the app first initiates, you will notice a more prominent need for promos and discounts to make your app visible among the crowd. It is because of this reason that we have added this feature. 

5. Price Estimate

Would you ever book a cab if you do not get to see how much it can cost you? There are usually different types of cabs that you can book as per your needs. Also, based on the distance you need to cover, the price estimate also tends to change. 

Once you incorporate both the pickup and the drop location, you can get the price estimate. The good thing is that it weighs in all the factors and, in most cases, is the accurate price you must pay. 

6. Driver Rating and Feedback

As admins, one must understand how well the app works and whether the drivers working for you resonate well with the brand ideals. It is because of this reason that we have added the option to incorporate both driver ratings as well as feedback.

 The driver ratings will also have a role to play when deciding the incentive each of them will get. Incorporating the driver rating and feedback is one of the best ways to reinforce the drivers once they do a job accurately and effectively.

7. Compatible With Devices

The Careem clone app is one of the most stellar apps we have designed to date, and this is one of the primary reasons why we tend to focus on its base. We want everyone to use our app, making it compatible with all devices. 

Be it an Android, iOS, or even a website for personal computers, you can use the Careem clone app. Compatibility is one of the primary reasons why this app is so popular at the moment, and you will be able to have a hassle-free experience for sure!

8. In-App Chat

It can happen that when your riders are waiting for the ride or even in between, they need some help. It could be related to the payment issue or booking a cab. We have incorporated the in-app chat option to ensure it is clear and you can get immediate assistance. 

All you need to do is access the app, and you will be able to get the option to get in touch with the experts very quickly. It is one of the best ways to increase the client experience, and without immediate assistance, it just gets more complex for those looking for help. 

9. SOS Option

It should not happen, but we know that when it comes to apps like this, one cannot vouch entirely for the safety and dangers that might be on the road. It is because of this reason that we have incorporated the SOS option. It is like an emergency button; hence, if you have any emergency needs during your trip, all you need to do is click on the option. 

It is straightforward to use, and the good thing is that it will help you connect to an emergency team waiting to help you. No matter your problem, the emergency team has to work temporarily and offer quick redressal. 

10. Waiting Charge and Tips

And finally, another essential feature that we have to discuss is the feature of adding the waiting charge and the tips. If the driver waits more for the rider, it will incur a waiting charge. The riders will also be able to see the charges and understand the calculation very quickly. 

Not only that, but we have added the tips section as well. If the rider has got a good experience, then there are chances that they would want to add tips. Because of this, we have added the tips section as well, and you will be able to tip the driver as much as you want. 

Revenue Model For the Entrepreneurs with A Careem Clone:

Revenue Model For the Entrepreneurs with A Careem Clone
Revenue Model For the Entrepreneurs with A Careem Clone

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important things you must remember is that understanding and implementing the revenue model is very important. Because of this, we have also tried to make sure that it is incredibly comprehensive. We have kept the revenue model extremely simple so that you can scale it better and track your revenues better.

The one point of scaling the app is to incorporate drivers who will be working, and here you will work on a commission basis. There are two types of commission that most apps work in this domain. The first is to pay a fixed commission rate for every ride. Here the driver signs in with the app, which connects them with all the riders looking for the cab. The app will charge a fixed commission percentage irrespective of the distance on the entire amount. 

The other revenue model you can choose is going for the commission based on the distance you cover each time. There is usually a commission percentage that the admin will charge for 5 km, 10 km, and similar distance gaps. However, in most cases, you will see that the former commission model we discussed is the most common one. It is incredibly scalable, and the more drivers come under your forte, the better it is for your business! 

Features of the Driver Page

Features of the Driver Page
Features of the Driver Page

As one of the most promising Careem clone development services in the field, we have also tried to focus enough on making the driver page compatible. Because of this, we have added many unique features and made it one of the best driver pages. Some of the most promising features of our driver page are:

1. Driver Earnings

The first important feature we have added is driver earnings. The good thing is that the gains will help the drivers understand how much the earnings of the day were and the percentage of commission that the driver owes to the company. 

2. View the Feedback and The Ratings

The driver will be able to view all the feedback and the ratings which will come their way. It is one of the essential features that will help them improve their services and get motivated to improve. 

3. Go Offline

The drivers will be able to go offline as well. It means they will also not get any more recent ride requests. It is one of the most promising features and allows them to stop taking bookings whenever they want.

The Bottom Line

Careem Clone App
Careem Clone App

The Careem clone app is highly scalable, so we are here to help you build it from scratch. Contact us today at Webrock Media, and we shall help you with the most comprehensive approach! Booking cabs should not be a complex approach, so we need to bridge the gap as entrepreneurs. Once you invest in this app, there are no doubts that this will be your ultimate option. All you need to do is trust us with the platform, and we will take care of the rest. Sounds like a doable process, doesn’t it?

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