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Grocery Delivery App: What It is and Why Should You Launch One

In the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, people usually need to remember or postpone getting groceries from local shops. But thanks to the latest technological innovations, you can now deliver groceries by launching your grocery delivery App to meet the demands of your users. 

The grocery delivery app market has become popular and trending nowadays. Because the app is handy, it allows users to order their groceries anytime & from anywhere. This grocery delivery application has made things much easier as the delivery person offers door-to-door delivery service. 

On-Demand Delivery App Development: The Time To Launch The App

On-Demand Delivery App Development The Time To Launch The App
On-Demand Delivery App Development The Time To Launch The App

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can launch their grocery delivery apps to set up their businesses to generate revenue successfully. We at Webrock Media can build a grocery delivery app for your business. We can help you to add the latest features which are essential for the development of the grocery app.  

The highly efficient team of developers at Webrock Media will offer you specific grocery app solutions to ensure the convenience of the customers and the retailers. We will promote the business flow between the service providers and the users to assist the app owner in generating profits. 

Several small retailers have an opportunity to start their own on-demand grocery delivery through applications like iOS & Android, which can be turned into a profitable business. Customers are now choosing online delivery of groceries,so we will provide your business with the most unique & feasible grocery delivery app solutions, fortifying your place in the future competitive market. 

A grocery delivery application developed by professional app developers will act as a platform to help users connect with grocery retailers from any location. So it becomes vital for you to approach an experienced mobile app development company that can offer your visitors comprehensive grocery delivery App solutions for a pleasant experience.

Features Of Our Grocery Delivery App Services:

Features Of Our Grocery Delivery App Services
Features Of Our Grocery Delivery App Services

For Customers:

Easy Login: Users can sign into the application quickly using their email ID, phone number, or social media credentials. 

Add to Cart: Users can add their list of groceries to the cart. A single touch will allow the customers to go through the details of items.

Advanced Search: This feature will allow the users to filter out the preferred goods by category, allowing them to get hold of their favourite groceries without delay. 

Wishlist: This feature will allow the users to add their groceries to the wishlist, which they can process afterwards.  

Multiple Payment Gateways: We have incorporated multiple payment gateways, such as Credit cards, Debit cards, net banking, UPI payment, Wallet payment, etc., for the user’s convenience. 

Track Order: This tracking feature will assist the customers in knowing the location of their order. A GPS has been integrated to make a safe and fastest delivery. 

Scheduled Delivery: Our grocery delivery app has a feature where customers can schedule their grocery delivery at their convenience. They can choose a time slot when they want the groceries to be delivered to their place. 

Ratings & Reviews: Our grocery app developers want to promote valuable feedback through reviews & ratings. Users can rate their experience and write a review about the delivery & the quality of the product. The thoughts and opinions matter if you want to know if your app needs improvement.

Order History: This feature will allow the users to know about their previous order history from where they can reorder the items again.

Push Notifications: The notification will help the admin to provide offers and discounts to encourage the customers to buy more from them. Users can use the best offers to get their preferred items. 

Offers and Discounts: This feature will allow the customers to make the best of the discounts and save money. 

Help Section: The help & support section will communicate with the support team if the users have any issues with the delivery or order. 

For Delivery Personnel: 

Register: The delivery executives must register by entering their mobile number or email ID or using their social media credentials. 

Document Verification: The admin should ensure checking the onboarding delivery person with valid documents for customer safety. The admin verifies the paper and allows the delivery executive to offer their services. 

Availability Toggle: This toggle button has been integrated so that the delivery personnel can make themselves available for doing the services. They can put themselves in the offline mode if they are not willing to continue. They will receive delivery requests only if their toggle button is on. 

Accept/Reject Request: This feature will allow them to accept or reject a delivery request. 

Earnings: The details related to their incomes are displayed so they can easily track their daily reports.  

GPS Enabled Navigation: The grocery delivery app has incorporated location-based search features. This will allow the delivery executives to efficiently deliver the items to the customer’s location. Customers can track the delivery personnel via the app. 

Push Notifications: This feature assists them in getting a notification message via the grocery delivery app the minute a user generates a delivery request.  

For The Store Manager: 

Login: The store owners must register their store on the grocery delivery app. Once they register themselves, they can start receiving orders from the customers.  

Manage Categories: The store admin can list all the items under different categories & subcategories so that the customers can easily find them and place orders. This feature will also help the manager to keep track of their inventory.  

Manage Orders: This feature has been integrated so that the store managers can manage and segregate the orders like fresh orders or scheduled or dispatched orders. 

Inventory Management: This feature will allow the managers to change the pricing of the products. He can also add or delete the items on the app.

Earning Reports: This feature will help store managers check on their earnings daily. 

Payment Tracking: Payments that the customers make are available in this feature.  

Real-Time Tracking: The store managers can monitor the delivery executives and track their movement.  

For Admin: 

A Powerful Dashboard: The admin manages all the intricate details of the app. We have incorporated an easy-to-use admin panel. 

Manage Stores: The admin can manage all the onboarding processes of the retail stores receiving orders, dispatching them, and even delivering the items to the doorstep. 

Assign Orders: This feature will allow the admin to assign specific delivery items to the delivery executive based on location.  

Manage Customers: This feature will help the admin keep the customers’ details.

Offers & Discounts: We have integrated this feature where the admin can manage offers and discounts and send them to the customers. 

A Final Note:

If you are searching for a top-notch grocery app development company to expand your business online, then Webrock Media is the right option. You can check out our website to get all the assistance you require. We guarantee you that we offer the best service. 

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