Today’s Education Industry has reached a point where they are forced to embrace technology and make it an integral part of their education system. Students expect their institutions to provide cutting-edge technology. In order to fulfill the expectations of their students educational institutes are motivated to provide innovative education aids to provide world class education. Minimizing the manpower and improving the efficiency of the institute is also the main concern which can be resolved by embracing latest technology.

From our experience in the Education sector, we have a vast array of knowledge of how schools can take a sophisticated approach to gaining and maintaining students. Our team is well experienced in innovative e- learning solutions which will make learning a fun for your students. Our team can also help you implement management applications to insure smooth operations.

We have worked with many companies in Education sectors and specialism’s within IT Certification; Security & Networking; Desktop & Office Systems; Online Examination Systems; Education Re-selling; Publishing; Videos & Animations; Languages; Training; Portals; Venue Management; Student Support Systems, and Management Information Systems to name but a few.
We offer following Services:
Evaluation and consultancyMobile learning solutionsLive online trainingBusiness transformationManaged e-learning services and LMS.Course ManagementSupplier ManagementCategory ManagementPayment gateway IntegrationCustomer ManagementCampaign ManagementReportsAdminQuote ManagementSales Management

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