How to Create a Successful JustEat Clone: Top Features and Strategies

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How to Create a Successful JustEat Clone: Top Features and Strategies

Webrock Media offers state-of-the-art JustEat clone development services at an affordable rate to help you establish your food delivery business and generate profits. 

Looking to build a food delivery app like Just Eat? Our JustEat clone development services can help you create a feature-rich app that matches your business requirements. With our robust and scalable JustEat clone script you can easily launch your food delivery platform and gain a competitive edge in the market. 

You must have noticed that the domain of food delivery has become very popular in the past few years. Today people do not want to invest the time to go out to the restaurant and get the delivery or the takeaway themselves. Instead, there is a very easy app which will govern the entire process and ensure that you are sitting at your home, and you can get your favorite food and that too in a very short period! But what if, as an entrepreneur, you want to delve deep and focus on the working mechanism and build an amazing app? Contact us now to get started!

Everything You Need to Know About Developing a JustEat Clone App

Everything You Need to Know About Developing a JustEat Clone App
Everything You Need to Know About Developing a JustEat Clone App

JustEat is a well-established and successful online food ordering and delivery platform with a proven business model. Developing a clone app of JustEat can help you replicate the same success by leveraging the experience and insights of an already established player in the market. Over the past few years, the demand for online food ordering and delivery has increased manifolds. And the popularity of online food ordering among customers does not show any signs of slowing down. By launching a JustEat clone app, you can tap into this growing market and cater to the needs of customers. And by offering professional services you can help customers who are looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to order food online, relishing delicious food.

For some people, it could mean high aspirations, but the good thing is that you can depend on a framework which helps you achieve it very easily. In this segment, we are talking about none other than the JustEat clone app. You will know that the popularity of this app has become exceptionally promising, and today, very few people do not use the app to get food delivery. In such an instance, we have brought forward a clone app. The unique thing about this app is that although it is of the same framework, it is necessarily not the same. 

A JustEat clone app can help you generate additional revenue streams by charging a commission fee for every order placed through your platform. Get a scalable and customizable JustEat clone script with advanced features like real-time tracking, secure payment gateways, and more. Contact Webrock Media to build a robust JustEat clone app that will help you attract more customers and increase revenue.

Breaking Down the Development Process of a JustEat Clone App

Breaking Down the Development Process of a JustEat Clone App
Breaking Down the Development Process of a JustEat Clone App

The clone app is one of our range’s best-selling options; as an entrepreneur, you do not have to think about anything else rather than scaling it. To give you some good news, we have made the app so easy to use that it is amazing not only for the clients who will order food but also for the restaurant, delivery executive, and admin panel. It can become extremely difficult for an entrepreneur to focus on all the parameters, which is why we are here to help you. 

Launching a JustEat clone script can be a lucrative business model. You do not need to invest in restaurant infrastructure, yet be a part of the food industry. Also, you can operate as a food delivery aggregator and earn a good amount of commission from each delivery. 

At Webrock Media, we have adopted an extremely comprehensive model, ensuring we can reach out to more entrepreneurs in one go. There could be a question among entrepreneurs as together, this app is scalable, provided there is already a well-established app in the field. In this case, the most important thing we must understand is that the market demand for such an app is extremely high. Hence, if you can focus on the experience and improve the features more, the app will be extremely scalable in a small period. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and get started on your JustEat clone development journey.

Top Features of the JustEat Clone App:

Top Features of the JustEat Clone App
Top Features of the JustEat Clone App

If you are looking to develop a food ordering and delivery platform like JustEat, our JustEat clone development services can help you create a feature-rich and scalable platform that caters to the needs of restaurants, customers, and delivery partners. With our expertise in building custom food delivery solutions, we can help you launch your own JustEat clone that is tailored to your unique business requirements. 

One of the important things we need to focus on in this respect is that even as entrepreneurs, we have always been on the user side. Hence for most of us, the point of focus is always on the features which make using the app much more convenient. As a team, we have tried to focus on all the features for the four different ends, which work like a pillar for your company- the users, the admin, the restaurant and the delivery executives!  

JustEat Clone App: User Console

JustEat Clone App User Console
JustEat Clone App User Console

1. Simple Registration

It is not feasible for the clients to ensure they are always there before creating an account. We have tried to cut down the process, and the clients need to incorporate basic details like phone number and name, which will help them to use the account whenever they want to. 

2. Geo-Based Restaurant Search

Why should clients see restaurants far away, and ordering food might not be feasible? The geo-based location search allows them to go through all the restaurants which are located in the vicinity. It helps the clients to have a better and easier experience. 

3. Impressive Food Analysis

The clients will be easily able to check out the entire information on the food item available. However, the impressive food analysis is one of the most important features, and hence it will apply only to the few selected restaurants. 

4. Place Your Order

We understand that the user base of our app will be across several ages. Hence, the ordering process is extremely easy, and the clients can add the number of dishes they want to choose. Also, the clients can add some items to their favorite list. It will allow them to order the items more readily and take less time. 

5. GPS Tracking

Once the customers have placed the order, it is quite humane to wonder where it is and whether the executive is following the right path. Hence we have enabled the GPS tracking option, which works exceptionally well and gives the clients real-time updates.

6. Push Notifications

Let’s be honest! Accessing the app and then going through the updates might not always be possible. Hence, to add to the convenience of the clients, we have incorporated push notifications. Now you will be able to update the clients very easily! 

7. Payment Integration

It is very important to understand that based on the diverse client field, the payment requirements for every client are also very different. Because of this, we have added the payment integration feature, which helps clients make payments with any platform they want. It is also extremely safe to use the feature and then make payments.

8. Order History 

And finally, the client may want to go through the list they have ordered in the past. The order history option is easily accessible and allows clients to reorder the item if they want to. It is an exceptionally important feature and adds to the user’s convenience. 

JustEat Clone App: Delivery Executives Console

JustEat Clone App Delivery Executives Console
JustEat Clone App Delivery Executives Console

As an entrepreneur, you have to remember that the delivery executive works as the backbone of your business. Hence, it is extremely important to enhance their experience with amazing features. Some of these are:

1. Identity Check

Before the delivery executive gets the order, they must verify the identity. Instead of being difficult about it, we have just added a feature in the app that will help the drivers validate their identity. Not only that, but they will also be able to upload the license and other documents in the app itself. 

2. Order Status

It would be extremely difficult if the delivery executive did not know the order’s status. Hence there is a feature which will allow them to understand the current status and how much more time it can take for the order to be ready. 

3. Updates from the Restaurant

Once the order is ready, there is an option of receiving an update from the restaurant, which is extremely handy. The good thing about the app is that it will help enhance the effectiveness of the experience and save time. Once the restaurant prepares and packages the order, they will notify the delivery executive instantly.

4. Live Customer Updates

After the delivery executive has picked up the order, they can use this feature to inform the user about their whereabouts. It is a live option, so it will help share constant updates. 

5. GPS Navigation

Is it humanly possible for every delivery executive to know all the routes? To ensure that the executive does not have to call the clients repeatedly for updates on the route, we have also added an option for GPS navigation. The feature is automated, and it will give the executive complete navigation aid to understand where the exact location is without any external help.

6. Delivery Order History

And finally, just like the users, the order history is also available for the delivery executive. They will be able to access it and get information whenever needed. Not only that, but it will also help them to know the commission they had to pay for each delivery. The order history is one of the most important features we have added.

JustEat Clone App: Partner Restaurants Console

JustEat Clone App Partner Restaurants Console
JustEat Clone App Partner Restaurants Console

If you do not have partner restaurants working with you, how will you deliver the food to the users? Some of the most important features that we have worked on to make it easier for the partner restaurants are:

1. Profile

The restaurant must create a profile of its own, which will exhibit. The restaurant will be able to set up a brand identity which the clients will go through for easier identification. And finally, the restaurant will be able to set up a logo, which will set them apart from others.

2. Menu Formulation

The intricate thing about this feature is that it allows the restaurant to formulate user menus. The most important thing about the menu formulation is that the restaurant will be able to add genres as well whenever required. It includes details about the ingredients, prices, and the option to add more items.

3. Table Booking

The table booking feature allows the restaurant to receive real-time updates from the clients regarding any restaurant table booking. It is one of the most effective features that come in handy for users and restaurant administrators.

4. Multi-Store Management

It is possible that a restaurant can have more than one store, and they want to list all these stores under one chain. The multi-store management option allows restaurant owners to list all restaurants under one domain. It can be exceptionally effective to manage.

5. Pick-Up Notification

Once the order is ready, the restaurant must send the updates to the delivery executive for pick up. The notification is important; hence, it can be one of the best features to bridge the time gap and enhance efficiency. It also ensures that the restaurant and the delivery executive do not have to wait much.

6. Complete Report Analysis

The report analysis feature is one of the most effective ones. It will help the restaurant owners get complete information on the orders they have served, the commission to date, and other details. 

7. Automated Inventory Check

And finally, the last feature that we have added for the restaurant is none other than the automated inventory check. It will help restaurant owners to update whether the item is available or not.

JustEat Clone App: Admin Dashboard

JustEat Clone App Admin Dashboard
JustEat Clone App Admin Dashboard

And finally, for the entire chain to work smoothly, the work must also be easier for the admin panel. Hence, the features that you can look forward to here are:

1. Dashboard for Monitoring Activity

As an admin, it is exceptionally important to keep a check on the daily activity monitoring. It will help one understand the app’s effectiveness, and that too with the help of an easy-to-use and access dashboard. 

2. Manage Restaurants

Next, the admin can eliminate and add any restaurant per their specifications. The web portal will be extremely accessible and aid in better management of the updates. 

3. Effective Fleet Management 

We have ensured that the admin has complete authority over managing all the orders. It also refers to the management of the delivery executives who will pick up and deliver the order in due course. 

4. Updates on Commission

For every order, there will be a commission that the entrepreneur will receive. To make it easier, we have added a feature with the help of which the admin can access the commission very easily. It gives complete information on the same and shows the amount you need to pay to the delivery executive and the restaurant. 

5. Analysis of Reviews

As a brand, it is exceptionally important to understand that the review is crucial as it will help you to build the brand identity. The review analysis is a feature that allows you, as the admin, to go through all the reviews for the restaurant and the delivery executive. Based on this analysis, you can formulate the ones that are better than the rest. Not only that, but you will also be able to issue a warning to those not delivering the service up to standards. 


JustEat Clone App
JustEat Clone App

Developing a JustEat clone app gives you the flexibility to customize the app according to your specific business needs. A JustEat clone app can give you a competitive advantage by allowing you to enter the market quickly with a tested business model. Developing a JustEat clone app can help you capitalize on the growing demand for online food ordering and delivery while providing you with a proven business model, increased revenue, and customization options.

One of the most important things anybody needs to remember when building a clone app like this is that adding one’s unique touch is very important. The Just Eat app is already extremely famous, and hence our aim is not to build an identical app. At Webrock Media, we have focused on making the app one of a kind. Not only that, you will be able to add your specifications as well. If you want the best app, you only need to get in touch with us, and we will help you structure the app today! 

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