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Launch Your Daily Fantasy Sports App Like A FanDuel Clone

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Launch Your Daily Fantasy Sports App Like A FanDuel Clone

A FanDuel clone is an online fantasy sports application that works similarly to FanDuel and allows you to run daily fantasy sports competitions and bookmarking services. You need this kind of solution to start your own fantasy sports company. 

Our FanDuel clone, painstakingly built and designed, offers fantasy sports competitions in practically all game formats. Among them are, to name a few, baseball, hockey, football, rugby, tennis, cricket, badminton, and motorsports.

Utilize the demands of the worldwide market by providing daily fantasy sports events in the NFL, NBA, MLB, IPL, NHL, WHL, and EPL using our first-rate white label solution. Our software is robust and can launch immediately, with an immersive Ul and honed with exceptional features. It is customizable, tailored specifically for your company, and designed for success.

Our FanDuel Clone Offerings

Our FanDuel Clone Offerings
Our FanDuel Clone Offerings

Sports betting:

  • Bet on all sporting contests and athletes.
  • Instant registration and wagering processes.
  • Forecasts and live odds updates.

Everyday Fantasy:

  • Create a fantasy squad of your own.
  • Take part in daily/weekly competitions.
  • Play games and earn rewards in cash.

Betting on horse racing:

  • Users can wager on all live horse races.
  • Support for forecasts and predictions.
  • Every 5 minutes, a race.

Sports & Leagues In Fantasy With The FanDuel Clone App, You Can Play.

Sports & Leagues In Fantasy With The FanDuel Clone App, You Can Play
Sports & Leagues In Fantasy With The FanDuel Clone App, You Can Play

Daily Fantasy Sports online:

With the help of our FanDud app, you can offer daily fantasy competitions in sports like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey that are suitable for beginners while also being very captivating for fantasy sports fans. The reward cap with extraordinary odds of winning is not simplified. Nevertheless, the entire draught procedure is!

  • NFL (Football)
  • MLB (Baseball)
  • NHL (Hockey)
  • WNBA (Basketball)
  • EPL (Soccer)
  • NASCAR (Auto racing)
  • ATP (Tennis)
  • PGA (Golf)
  • Gaming At Casinos:

Enjoy the Vegas vibe in the comfort of your own home. To wager on online games and make fast cash, join FanDuel today. The board giro betting system is fully regulated, complete with local state lines, and its best feature is its single ace.

  • Horse Racing Wagering:

By placing bets on the most prestigious horse races in the US, you can ride to financial success. With live streaming options and access to professional assistance, your business is guaranteed to draw hordes of Joes.

  • Betting on UFC:

With our UFC betting option, you may participate in the adrenaline rush, an integral element of the high-octane mixed martial arts organization UFC. Indoctrinate users with player profiles, winning probabilities in the past, and other information to persuade the wrestling maniacs to become devoted customers.

  • A Sportsbook Online:

An online sportsbook, one of our trademark features, always comes up with fresh ways for customers to win large. Users are presented with many betting options, including money lines, bet spreads, props, parlays, enticing predictions, and real-time odds updates. The best aspect is that betting is available on every popular sport, including basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, golf, and boxing.

You Can Run A Variety Of Competitions And Prize Pools With Fanduel Clone Script

You Can Run A Variety Of Competitions And Prize Pools With Fanduel Clone Script
You Can Run A Variety Of Competitions And Prize Pools With Fanduel Clone Script

With flexible prize pool modes, our FanDuel clone script hosts every conceivable daily fantasy contest genre and propels you to the top of the market.


Users must pay a starting charge to participate in the fantasy game and win significant rewards. 

Tournaments are incredibly famous among fans that incarcerate prize sums that vary. These tournaments typically have high entrance fees, but players can compete in events with very inexpensive buy-ins to make up for it. 

Users can choose several teams based on their tastes and skills to increase their chances of winning and deploying through numerous entries. Whoever names the holding port wins an equal amount for himself.


Users can win by participating in these simple competitions known as leagues. Leagues often have a set minimum requirement for participants and entries. The size of the prize money these leagues offer contributes to the high demand for them. Users have a better chance of winning when there are fewer opponents.


H2H competitions serve as a display of the betting skills of two participants. In other words, these are competitions between just one person. Contestants in H2H matches have a better chance of winning because there are now just two possible outcomes. 


In this game, only 50% of players who enter the competition will see their money double, while the other 50% will not. The top 25 players out of 50 will earn a reward, while the average payout should persuade the remaining participants.


Users go through a sorting procedure akin to the 50/50s model and receive a certain percentage of the extra money in addition to payment. Players might anticipate a two-, three-, or even five-fold increase in their typical payout amount.


FanDuel Clone
FanDuel Clone

What are you still holding out for? Please get in touch with WebRock Media right now to give us the chance to develop a FanDuel clone for you so you can make the app platform a profitable venture. We will add in all the necessary app features so that all your app users can enjoy playing the game. 

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