facebook group auto poster

facebook group auto poster
facebook group auto poster

Facebook multi Group post, auto-posting, How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once. Facebook Group Auto Poster tool

Facebook group auto poster tool discover How to post in Multiple Facebook Groups at once by using the best Facebook Group Auto Poster.  Facebook group auto poster is a facebook auto poster tool developed to help you post your Text/links/ Images / Videos on facebook groups and pages.  Group auto poster allows you to share your content and drive Facebook traffic to your website/blog/page. 

you are in the right place if you are looking to post in multiple Facebook groups or a Facebook Group auto poster tool

Features of facebook group auto poster:

  • Autoload Facebook Groups / Pages from Facebook Account
  • facebook multi-page/group poster support Multi Facebook accounts
  • Supports Facebook Status backgrounds
  • Supports Emoji
  • using facebook multi poster you can Export groups IDs to CSV file
  • Facebook Activities insights
  • Super Easy and simple installation
  • Super Easy user interface
  • Media library: Upload and Keeping all of your photos, videos for future use
  • Upload Video to Facebook from Youtube video link
  • Unique post adding a unique ID to the post status/message and to the link
  • Ability to create new and custom roles
  • Create categories to store your groups/pages and post to multiple Facebook groups
  • Payment system via Paypal and stripe (Separated module, Available with Extended License only)
  • Customize Theme color with your personality color using a color picker
  • Save post: saving Posts for future use
  • Supports Scheduled & instant posts
  • Auto pause scheduled post after a number of posts and auto resume after a specified time
  • Users profile (Display useful information to the admin)
  • facebook auto group poster free download videos tutorial after purchase
  • Facebook post preview before posting in real
  • Auto-repeat schedules: Auto-repeat the schedule every day or every two days or even every month
  • Random interval and also provide facebook group posting service
  • Register and login via Facebook login button in facebook auto poster software
  • Spintax for content randomization all post fields support Spintax
  • Multi-Language system
  • Multi-User system
  • facebook group auto poster tool 4 Post type Status, Links, Images (Multi images in post), Videos.
  • No Facebook app ID / Secret needed in this facebook group auto poster tool
  • Ability to Create and display a custom notification to the user(s) (Separated module)
  • post to multiple Facebook groups Supports Facebook API latest version

Simplify your tasks, use tools! Facebook Auto Poster

The main advantage of the Facebook auto poster is that it’s extremely simple and user-friendly, and saves your lots of time and energy. With this Facebook Auto Poster tool, you can your posts in just a few minutes.

Note: this article is about how to share a single post in multiple Facebook groups, the Facebook auto poster, allows you to post on all your Facebook accounts: profiles, pages, groups, and events.

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Compatible Browsers IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

As you know, the purpose of Social Media strategies is to build and maintain a presence on social networksFacebook is the key places they need to be in order to achieve this goal. 

The full explanation of how to post on the Facebook group

when you are hosting several groups on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that having and maintaining an active presence in each one of them on a daily basis can become quite difficult. Fortunately, facebook group auto poster comes to the rescue! As it was created to facilitate precisely this task.

Its streamlined interface allows you to add and select whichever Facebook groups you want to publish in, and then create a post with text, images and/or links, and easily post it to be published at exactly the day and time you want.

The first thing you need to do, to start auto-posting your posts in facebook group using the auto poster, is to make an inquiry using WhatsApp at +918955222220.  

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