Buy or Sell Things Locally, Quickly, and Safely on Our OLX Clone App Software

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Buy or Sell Things Locally, Quickly, and Safely on Our OLX Clone App Software

WebRock Media offers an OLX clone script, that is among the best online marketplace scripts currently available. Because it is built on cutting-edge technologies like Node.js, Angular, and PHP, the OLX source code is extremely scalable, very safe, and completely adjustable. In addition, we have included the social feed feature on our OLX clone app, which gives it a little bit of an extra zing. Therefore, it is now possible to follow one’s favourite merchants and receive updates anytime a seller publishes a new product. 

Use our OLX clone programme to make offers, talk with other users, negotiate prices, and make purchases. OLX clone is a marketplace solution that has been thoughtfully created using scalable technology principles. This allows us to deliver an overall marketplace solution to businesses or entrepreneurs looking for customizable buy-and-sell marketplace scripts. In addition, the app software that we provide includes a capability for managing the on-page SEO. With this feature, we can manage the SEO of each advertisement and product listing. 

The software solution for the marketplace includes a website, an application, and an admin panel for monitoring the marketplace as a whole.

How Do You Make Money Using the OLX Marketplace Script as Your Revenue Model?

You Make Money Using the OLX Marketplace Script as Your Revenue Model
You Make Money Using the OLX Marketplace Script as Your Revenue Model
  • Advertisements

Advertisements can be posted and highlighted by sellers. If a buyer has subscribed to a subscription plan, they will have access to view these posts.

  • Commission On Sales

Every time a seller makes a transaction using the OLX clone, the app gives that seller a certain percentage of the commission.

The administrator can generate and execute targeted campaigns in a region, state, or country.

Key Functions Available to Both Buyers and Sellers Within the OLX Clone App

  • OLX-Like Homepage

Our Progressive Web Application’s (PWA) user interface was designed with the original OLX clone website and app as a point of reference.

  • Profile Verification

To verify the identities of both buyers and sellers on the app, identification documents must be shown during the login process.

  • Lists of Products Available

The OLX clone software allows users to search for products and browse via various categories. Elastic search is the engine that drives this functionality.

  • Dynamic Filters

Our OLX Clone development is pre-built with various dynamic filters such as categories, prices, locations, conditions of the item (or items), recent or old advertisements, and so on.

  • Detailed Information Regarding the Product Description of the OLX Clone

Each advertisement or product uploaded to the app comes with a comprehensive description that includes the following information: category, price, condition, and location.

  • Buy Products Directly Or Trade Them In.

The purchasers can haggle over the prices, make a direct purchase of the item being listed, or make a trade using the marketplace app.

  • Recently Featured Posts

Because of this function, sellers can submit ads and highlight those ads to be accessible to buyers who have upgraded to a premium or paid plan.

  • Social Feed Integrated Into The OLX Clone Script. 

We are equipped with a social feed that allows buyers and sellers to follow one another and browse new advertisements.

  • Chat Feature

The buyers and sellers can begin a dialogue in real-time with one another, negotiate offers, and complete transactions through chats.

  • Integrated Wallet

The in-app wallet has been integrated to guarantee that transactions are carried out in a streamlined and effective manner.

  • API for Integrated Shipping Integration

When selling a thing, the person making the sale can choose whether or not the product can be shipped.

  • Maintain a Record of Product Shipments

On the app, purchasers can monitor the status of any item that they have recently acquired. The purchaser has access to extensive, detail-oriented information.

  • QR Code Scan

Every user receives their one-of-a-kind QR code, which can be scanned to verify the transaction of the sale and the delivery of the goods.

  • Evaluations and Rankings

This is a critical component that must be there to preserve the trust score that exists between the purchasers and the vendors.

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