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One of the best ways promote business, insights, and industry expertise is through blogging. Blogging is essentially an online, public journal for users to engage in storytelling and/or opinion sharing. In business , blogs are often used to communicate valuable information to a given market. A blog can be a mechanism for an agent to show-off her expertise in a given subject area (e.g., seller financing tips, trends in a specific market, etc.) and to brag about her successes (e.g., sales figures from a given period, average time a property is on the market, etc.). When selecting a blogging platform (or a website to host your blogging activities), be conscious of how easy the blog is to update and how easy it will be for a reader to navigate. Visual appeal and simplicity are important components to consider, and can differ depending on the platform you select. WordPress is one of the easiest and most popular blog platforms to use. Whatever platform you choose, make sure to link your blog to your business webpage to encourage cross-site accessibility. By ensuring you have a blog that is easy to use (both for the user and the reader), time spent on blogging activities will be maximized to create value for your business.



If a prospective client is browsing your website and cannot find what he is looking for, most likely he will only search for the answer for a short time before leaving altogether. Although no web strategy can fully anticipate and address all user needs, preferences, and questions, a contingency plan must be in place to help ensure prospective clients do not leave your site lacking information or negative impression of your service.

Many company websites have employed a passive “Contact Us” feature that encourages users to submit a form or send an email to the organization with any questions; however, many businesses are moving toward a more proactive chat feature to provide real-time communication with prospective clients browsing their websites. This feature has important implications for a website holder, as providing the opportunity to chat live can mean the difference between converting a lead to a client or letting her slip away to a competitor.

Our company provides website chat functionality at a reasonable price. Depending on the scope of your business, chatting can be executed by an individual agent, an administrative assistant, or, in some cases, subcontracted to an outside firm.

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