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Taxi App- Admin Dashboard Feature- All You Need To Know

A top-notch taxi app is the need of the hour as the taxicab business is booming nowadays. A taxi app connects the driver and the passenger. The app development process offers endless possibilities in Taxi app-Admin Dashboard to manage the cab drivers, customers, and dispatch. Furthermore, it helps the Admin monitor the progress and take actionable decisions if required. 

The admin dashboard is responsible for all the operations. Taxi app – Admin Dashboard is like a control panel monitoring every platform activity. Admins can collaborate with drivers and manage the reviews and other activities. 

Webrock Media puts a special priority on the design, features, and functionality of the panels. A cloud-based taxi software admin panel is developed for you to take control of all the assets for real-time fleet tracking, quick dispatch, and more. 

Why Is The Admin Panel Important On An On-Demand App?

The Admin Panel Important On An On Demand App
The Admin Panel Important On An On Demand App

Taxi app: Admin Dashboard for an on-demand taxi app performs most functions. The Admin monitors & manages the app activity, making the development of the admin panel crucial. The Admin is responsible for the verification of the drivers who are signing in to the platform.

Here are a few reasons why an admin panel is of utmost essential. 

  • The Admin panel is the main controller of the app.
  • The admins carry out the verification of the drivers. 
  • Managing passengers is also a part of his duty. He addresses the complaints of the passengers and tries to resolve them. 
  • A Taxi app – Admin Dashboard allows real-time insight into the activities, such as bookings, records, payments, number of rides, etc.  
  • The Admin can track the locations of the drivers. 
  • The Admin fixes the rates for each trip.  
  • They are responsible for giving offers and discounts. 

In short, Admin is solely responsible for running all the operations on the platform smoothly & efficiently.  

Taxi App – Admin Dashboard Features And Functions

Taxi App Admin Dashboard Features And Functions
Taxi App Admin Dashboard Features And Functions

The Taxi app: Admin Dashboard is a primary part of the admin panel for all the operations to make the platform work smoothly. Admin manages the app’s user base, queries, booking data, feedback & more. Look out for some of its features.  

Sign Up: The users must register on the taxi app platform. The drivers should sign up to avail of the services. The admin log-in page is integrated with high-security features so no one else can access the admin panel.  

Admin Dashboard: A compact dashboard pops up when the admin logs into the platform. The dashboard contains all the functions, statistics, and analysis. 

Driver Verification: A bad reputation on an individual part can ruin the goodwill of the company. Keeping this in mind, the Admin is solely responsible for ensuring that the drivers are equally qualified. The Admin takes a verification test of all the drivers applying for the task. 

Request Management: The Admin gets the booking notification when a customer books a cab. He then transfers the booking request to the nearest driver.  

Location & Tracking: A GPS tracking facility helps the Admin track the driver and route to avoid unforeseen circumstances. They can view a real-time map & track the vehicles on Google Maps in real-time location.

Rates & Price Fixing: Admins can fix prices for each ride. Certain factors are considered before fixing the fare, like the distance, journey time, traffic, etc. The Admin can surge the fares and can also reduce the prices.  

Review & Rating Management: Taxi app – Admin Dashboard is incorporated with the features of managing customers’ reviews and ratings. The reviews and ratings are the denominators for the services the taxicab business offers passengers. They can add & manage the whole driver network, their payments, feedback, etc.  

Offers & Discounts: As mentioned before, the Admin is responsible for allowing offers, discounts, and promo codes to the passengers. 

Revenue Reports: The Admin’s job is to prepare the final revenue report. Admins must go through the statistics reports and improve the overall services, which is beneficial for the taxi app platform. The revenue reports will help further business planning by putting the strategies that need extra attention and catalyzing actions on weak areas by laying extra marketing efforts.

Platform Ratings: The taxi app needs to manage its ratings on the play store. The ratings and reviews affect the visibility and download count. The Admin has to work on trying to improve the ratings and address the reviews of the customers. 

What Factors Impact The Taxi App – Admin Dashboard Development Program?

Factors Impact The Taxi App Admin Dashboard Development Program
Factors Impact The Taxi App Admin Dashboard Development Program

The admins have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. There are a few important key factors to building a constructive admin panel for a taxi app.  

Design: The entire taxi app design is essential to attract more potential clients. Our web designers put their best efforts into the color, fonts, sizes, placement of different pages, and content. Don’t worry; the admin dashboard will seamlessly blend with your taxi app theme. Our team will work meticulously and consult you before starting the process. We will incorporate each & every features in the admin dashboard that are important for the platform specifically.  

Features & Functions: When Taxi app – Admin Dashboard development comes into play, the integration features and functions hold the main priority. Our admin dashboard is customizable for a high-level functional overview. The elements & functions are of utmost necessity for the Admin to perform all the important tasks associated with the smooth functioning of the platform.   

Location: Admin has to keep a watch on the entire network with real-time status on a map, so GPS tracking is a must. The admin app should have a GPS tracking system for viewing the maps and the routes. With the help of real-time status, Admin can easily locate the nearest driver or keep track of the driver throughout the journey.  

Statistics & Evaluation: Taxi app – Admin Dashboard supervises the statistics data and evaluations to improve the services of the platform. The Admin can view all these functions in the real-time dashboard display. This will help him to make data-driven decision-making for overall enhancement. 

Developers Cost: The first thing that comes into mind when creating an app is the developer’s cost. We assure you that we will discuss your requirements and give you estimated pricing. 

Webrock Media will develop the popular taxi app software and dispatch solution, which can automate and modernize your fleet business in no time.

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