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Uber For Tutors- Taking Learning To A New High

In this technology-driven world, people have innovated reliable ways to deliver food, medicine, and other services to their doorstep. From booking a ride to house cleaning, there are various services that people can now avail of just from the comforts of their homes. Now, they can have the facility of getting tutoring services too by their fingertips. The education sector has taken a new leaf, and a significant innovation has brought this facility to our homes. As a parent, we all expect new ways to acquire information. So, an on-demand tutor app enables students to hire an experienced tutor at their convenience.

Uber for tutor service apps has skilled teachers on the platform who offer their valuable services to the students. The teachers are willing to share their expertise, work at their convenience and earn in a way that benefits them. People who want to transmit their knowledge to others can sign on to this platform. Teachers & professors can register for in-house tuition.

Tutor App Development Services from Webrock Media

Tutor App Development Services from Webrock Media
Tutor App Development Services from Webrock Media

Webrock Media has a team of skilled developers who can develop a tutoring app like Uber if you want to venture into the EdTech industry. To launch your personalized Uber for Tutor app, our professionals will build the app from scratch using the latest on-demand app solutions. We do not use old scripts; instead, we apply solutions equipped with advanced technology. 

We offer a 100% better app solution that can be accessed on any smart device. An Uber-like tutorial app will be beneficial for students to find tutors & clear their doubts by taking regular tuition. Launching an Uber-like tutor app will allow you to earn huge profits. We can integrate auto-completion of the current location in your Uber-like tutor app, which will help the students find a tutor nearby to take tuition. We at Webrock Media provide end-to-end customization to suit your requirements.  

Key Features of the On-Demand Tutor App

Key Features of the On-Demand Tutor App
Key Features of the On-Demand Tutor App
  1. Students App:

Secure Sign Up: Students can quickly sign in to the Uber for Tutors app using their phone number, email, or social media account. 

Dashboard: The student dashboard allows the students to get all the latest information regarding the upcoming sessions or details of the cancellation of classes, if any. The students can stay updated regarding their due payments. 

Select Tutors: The On-demand tutor app connects the students with those who want to provide services. The students can choose their teacher from the list before reviewing the ratings, areas of interest, and feedback. 

Schedule Sessions: Students can schedule their sessions at their convenience. They can fix their preferable date & time. 

Live Tracking: Students can easily track the current location of the nearby tutors for a session.

Push Notifications: Students can get push notifications about offers and discounts. They can also know about the scheduled sessions and get payment updates. 

Instant Chat: Students can use the instant chat feature and ask their queries and clear their doubts from the teachers.

Flexible Payments Methods: After a session is confirmed, students can make payments through different flexible payment systems. You can provide various payment options for the students to avail of the best tutoring services. 

Refer & Earn: The refer and earn feature will help to draw more interested students to download the app and book their sessions. Students can also use the loyalty program system to get their friends to install the app by offering a referral code. 

Reviews and Ratings: Students can rate the tutors as per their teaching styles. They can use their social media platform to give feedback on the tutoring skills of the teachers. 

  1. Tutor App

Easy Sign Up: Tutors can sign in by putting their information like contact numbers, email IDs, documents of their qualification, etc. The admin verifies their records, and then they can start their tutoring services.

Toggle availability: This option will allow the teachers to select their preferable time for offering their services. They can choose the time of their own free will to accept sessions with students. 

Manage Bookings: Teachers can see the requests for future dates. This facility will allow them to plan their time. Tutors can also postpone the propositions; in that case, the students will get an instant notification. 

Reviews and Feedback: Teachers can jot down a review about the performance and progress of the students on the platform. 

Loyalty Programs: This feature allows the tutors who can refer the app to other tutors and earn loyalty. The app owner can onboard many tutors on their app by introducing rewards. 

Push Notifications: Teachers will get push notifications about booking requests, payment, schedule requests, etc. They will get notified about upcoming deals and schemes offered by the online app.

In-App Chat: Tutors and students can communicate easily through the app. They can resolve any queries via the in-app chat feature.

  1. Admin Panel

Manage Tutors: The app admin is the vital person in the Admin panel responsible for managing the tutors. The admin can hire tutors based on their expertise and professional degree.  

Manage Session Bookings: The admin can manage all the booking requests daily, weekly, or monthly. They can see the number of ongoing, completed, and upcoming sessions. 

Offers & Discounts: The admin of an Uber for Tutor app can offer various discount schemes to encourage students to book more sessions. They can also offer loyalty programs for tutors to promote the tuition services on the on-demand tutoring app. 

Some More Additional Benefits Of On Demand Tutor App: 

Some More Additional Benefits Of On Demand Tutor App
Some More Additional Benefits Of On Demand Tutor App

Multiple Payment Options: Cash, cards, e-wallets, and other payment gateways are incorporated into our tutorial app. 

Book Now or Schedule Later: Students can easily book or schedule their tutorial session at any later time. With this schedule later option, they can schedule a class with their favorite tutor in the future

User Friendly: Our tutoring app is straightforward to use, and people of all ages can use the app. Anyone can search for a suitable tutor in our app, select the relevant tutor, and fix a date & time to book sessions. The tutors can accept the request based on their availability. Once the booking request is received, the teacher can conduct the tutorial session.

Multilanguage & Currency: The On-demand tutoring app is designed in multiple languages & currencies to offer experience services to the students.

Referral System: The Uber-like app for tutors has a referral mechanism allowing students to refer the app to their friends and other members.

Creative Design: We have a knack for creating Uber-like tutor app solutions to help you develop your businesses. Our software is an innovative and one-of-a-kind design.

To Conclude:

Uber For Tutors
Uber For Tutors

Students who want help can download an Uber for Tutors app to find suitable tutors to take sessions with them. Webrock Media offers high-end tutor app development solutions at competitive pricing. Our team of dedicated white-label professionals goes through strategic planning before developing the best app solutions. Our developers are competent and hold the necessary expertise to build stunning and highly efficient Uber-like apps for tutors for you. 

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