The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Instagram Clone: How to Monetize the App

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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Instagram Clone: How to Monetize the App

Webrock Media offers you best-in-class Instagram clone development services at the most affordable rate. You can now generate revenues by attracting customers to use this social media platform and keeping them engaged. 

Launch Your Very Own Instagram Clone And Attract Millions Of Users

aunch Your Very Own Instagram Clone And Attract Millions Of Users
aunch Your Very Own Instagram Clone And Attract Millions Of Users

You must know that social media platforms can attract customers and keep them engaged to the core. Such social media platforms and apps also create a community of like-minded people who like to post their pictures and videos and also follow the photos and videos shared by others. So, if you want to start your entrepreneurial journey and want to make it big in social media, then you must go for Instagram clone development

Webrock Media has a team of expert Instagram clone developers who work dedicatedly to build a feature-rich social media platform and help you to attract customers. An Instagram clone is a social media platform where our professional app developers replicate the core features and functionality of Instagram and provides you with a fully-functional social media app for your users to enjoy sharing their photos and videos. 

Often, these features of Instagram clones include the capacity to share photographs and videos, follow other users, like and comment on posts, and send private messages. The objective of constructing an Instagram clone might range from catering to a certain niche or demographic to getting app development expertise to creating a platform that interfaces with other services or businesses.

What Can You Expect From Our Instagram Clone App

You Expect From Our Instagram Clone App
You Expect From Our Instagram Clone App

Webrock Media has an expert team of app designers and developers who focus on every attention to detail while building an Instagram alternative. We use a variety of technologies to create an Instagram clone so that it is loaded with features that can please every app user. An important aspect of the Instagram clone development process is offering the best user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). We ensure that our Instagram clone app is both user-friendly and visually appealing.

The objective of building an Instagram clone might range from catering to a certain niche to getting app development expertise to creating a platform that interfaces with other services or businesses. As you hire Instagram clone app developers, you can expect the best and most useful features to keep your app users engaged on the app. We offer high-end features built with cutting-edge technology so that app users can enjoy every bit of it. 

Instagram Clone App Features

Instagram Clone App Features
Instagram Clone App Features
  1. Quick Signup

The quick signup process helps users quickly register themselves on the photo and video-sharing app by simply putting their phone number or email address. 

  1. Manage Profiles

Users can manage all the details of their profile from this tab and also edit their profile should they want to add or remove any information on their profile on the social media platform. 

  1. Detailed Profile

The detailed profile option allows a user to check out the number of followers they have, along with other details about their profile. 

  1. Home Screen

The home screen of the Instagram clone will contain posts shared by other users of the app, followed by the app user. 

  1. Publish Photos/Videos

Instagram clone users can conveniently publish their chosen photos or videos from the phone gallery or share them with other app users. 

  1. Share Stories

The Instagram clone also allows its app users to share photos or videos in the form of stories from their profile which disappear after 24 hours from the time they share it.

  1. Live Streaming

Instagram clone app users can connect with their followers via live streaming. The live streaming feature helps in creating a sense of connection and bonding between the one live streaming and their followers.

  1. News feed

The news feed feature allows Instagram clone users to view photos and videos of other users they follow on their page. 

  1. Instant Chat

The instant chat feature is to allow Instagram clone users to communicate with one another via encrypted chat.

  1.  Voice/Video Calls

Instagram clone users can also communicate with one another via voice or video calls. We add such features so that the app users can feel more connected with other users. 

  1.  Search Button

The search button on the Instagram clone allows users to look for a specific app user or post the share. 

  1.  Activity Log

The activity log allows Instagram clone users to get to know when their Facebook friends join this app, along with getting a notification on their followers, likes, or comments on their posts.

Our Instagram Clone App Development Process

Our Instagram Clone App Development Process
Our Instagram Clone App Development Process

As you connect with the expert app developers of Webrock Media for Instagram clone development services, we ensure to provide you with the best solutions. We get a team ready to work on your project and finish building the app within the timeline. We take you through the app development process at the beginning so that you get to know what you can expect from our Instagram clone. We also give you a rate quote for the Instagram clone app development services, and once you approve, we start with the development process.

Here is a quick peek at our Instagram clone development process.

  1. Requirement Discussion and Research

At the beginning of the Instagram clone app development process, we encourage you to discuss your requirements with us so that we can understand your business goals and your expectations from the app. We also add our input about how to make the Instagram clone app more efficient and the necessary features we must add to the app. Together, we came up with a plan where we pay importance to the app features, its functionality, UI/UX, and also the revenue generation model to help you make profits via this app. 

  1. Front-End Designing

Front-end designing plays an important role in creating the appeal of the Instagram clone app. We work on all the branding elements, such as color palette, logo, and other business specifications. We choose every app development aspect carefully to ensure it can effectively attract users and get maximum app registration. We also focus on providing the best app user experience so that it can keep them engaged and encourage them to stay on the app for most of their time. We develop your Instagram clone app with only one focus, and that is to offer the best UI and UX so that you can keep them engaged on the app. 

  1. Back-End Development

Back-end development is another significant aspect of the Instagram clone app development process. Here, we pay attention to personalizing the Instagram clone with various features to offer an enhanced user experience (UX). We also add and integrate third-party APIs to ensure an increased app functionality and experience for the app users. However, we ensure to keep everything in the same line as your brand value and your business goals so that you can attract more and more app users and make more profits through your chosen revenue generation model. 

  1. Quality Control

As we develop the Instagram clone for you, we pass it through various rounds of quality checks to identify any bugs, vulnerabilities, or defects and remove them accordingly to enhance the app’s functionalities. We also check the quality, app functionality, performance, and usage on various devices, operating systems, and network. We perform a rigorous process of app testing so that we can identify any probable problems and remove them accordingly before deploying and launching the Instagram clone app. 

  1. App Deployment

The last and final step of Instagram clone app development is the app deployment process. We deploy the newly developed Instagram clone on different app platforms so that users can download the social media app on their preferred device.

Top Instagram Clone Features for User Panel

Top Instagram Clone Features for User Panel
Top Instagram Clone Features for User Panel
  1. Quick Signup and Login

The Instagram clone users can register themselves on the app quickly by adding their phone number or email address. They can also use their other social media accounts to sign up for the app. And later, they can log in easily to the app with the same credentials.

  1. Account Setup

Instagram clone users can set up their account and profile by adding their name, profile picture, location, a short bio about themselves, and other necessary information. Other users can view such profile information and get to know the individual better.

  1. Personalized News Feed

Instagram clone users can have a personalized news feed based on the people or pages they follow on the social media app. Users can also like and comment on posts shared by other users and also share posts of their favorite influencers on the app. 

  1. Explore Posts

Instagram clone users can explore posts, images, and videos via the search button on the app. They can look for a specific post or a specific user and follow them. The explore post feature also allows users to find some old posts they had previously liked.

  1. Photo or Video Editing

The photo and video editing feature allows app users to edit their images and videos using various filters and tools available on the app. They can adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast and do a lot more to make their images and videos more attractive and appealing.

  1. Photo or Video Uploading

The photo or video uploading feature is to allow Instagram clone users to upload their own photos or videos on their profile. Users can also add hashtags, image or video descriptions, location tags, or even a tad of their friends on the app. 

  1. Sharing via Stories

Instagram clone users can post their pictures or videos on their stories which will disappear after 24 hours. Users can also decide whether they want to share their stories with the public or with only a few selected people who follow them on the social media app. 

  1. Story highlights

Users can highlight a specific photo or video on their stories so that other app users can view, like, or comment on the story even at a later date and enjoy the same.

  1. Real-Time Messaging

The Instagram clone users can chat with one another through the real-time in-app messaging feature. They can share their thoughts, photos, or videos via the chat option integrated into the Instagram clone. 

  1.  Audio or Video Calling

The Instagram clone users can call one another via the app. They can either go for video calling or stick to the simple audio calling option. Either way, they will have a good experience using the Instagram clone.

  1.  Live Streaming

The Instagram clone will have the option to allow its users to live stream and connect with their followers. And followers can also comment during the live-streaming session and interact with the streamer.

  1.  Activity

The activity feature allows Instagram clone users to view their overall activities over a span of time. The activity page includes updates from followers that the user is following, alerts on posts they have liked or commented on in the past, and much more. 

  1.  Certified Badges

Instagram clone users or business profiles can apply for a verified or certified badge if they have many followers. Having a badge on their profiles will be a testimony to the authenticity of their account, and it will encourage more app users to follow them. 

  1.  Custom Push Alerts

The custom push alerts are to notify Instagram clone users about some posts shared by the individuals they like or follow on the app. The notification also helps users to get to know about the messages from other users or if they like or comment on their posts. 

  1.  Block or Report Users

The Instagram clone users also get the option to block or report any users they find sharing inappropriate content or comments. The app admin can then analyze the same and decide to remove such profiles from the app. 

Monetization Model, You Can Include In Your Instagram Clone

Monetization Model, You Can Include In Your Instagram Clone
Monetization Model, You Can Include In Your Instagram Clone

As an entrepreneur, you may go for various monetization models to generate income via the Instagram clone. You must choose a monetization model for your Instagram clone that is in line with the objectives of your app and the users you intend to attract. If you want to find out which model works best for your Instagram clone app, you may check out a couple of monetization models and decide accordingly. There are several monetization models you can integrate into a social media app. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Advertising: 

Advertising is the most popular monetization model that you can include in your Instagram clone. You can display ads to your users and charge advertisers for ad space. You can also use targeted advertising on the Instagram clone app to show ads to specific users based on their location, interests, and behaviors.

  1. In-app purchases: 

The Instagram clone users are able to buy products or services within the app itself. You can include various products like premium features or subscriptions for an enhanced app experience. You can offer different levels of membership, with each level offering more features or content for a higher price.

  1. Freemium model: 

A freemium model allows users to use the basic features of the app for free, but they have to pay for premium features or content. This freemium model has the potential to attract more users to your Instagram clone app and provide them with a taste of what the app has to offer before asking them for payment for additional features.

  1. Sponsorship or brand partnerships: 

You can partner with brands or companies that align with your app’s target audience and offer them sponsorship opportunities, such as sponsored content or product placements. You can generate a good income with this monetization model. 

  1. Commission-based model: 

You can take a commission on transactions that take place within your Instagram clone app, such as sales of products or services. The commission model is a great way to generate income from social media app platforms. 


Instagram Clone App
Instagram Clone App

If you are now sure about what you can expect from the Instagram clone app, you must contact us right away. We will discuss all the features you can add to the Instagram clone and how your customers can enjoy using this social media app. We have a proven track record of successful app development and a list of happy and satisfied clients. Contact us today to know more about our Instagram clone development services. 

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