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3D animation is not the future; it is now. So, if you want to make the most out of the current trends, hire a 3D animator to assist you in the matter. And we have the perfect team of skillful 3D animators who will take the time to better understand your requirements before taking on the project and handing out an estimation. Here is a list of a few things Webrock Media LLP offers. 

  • 3D demos for your product display. 
  • Attractive 3D video development. 
  • Bringing characters to life through 3D animation. 
  • Architectural walkthrough before project construction.
  • Unique branding strategy with 3D animation. 

We at Webrock Media LLP are passionate about delivering exactly what our clients require. We will not take any chances or compromise on the 3D animation project and will provide an appealing animated solution that audiences will naturally like. Complete 3D animation videos, character development, and creating a brand signature are the specialties of Webrock Media LLP. 

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Hire 3D Animator

Animation has turned out to be one of the most effective advertising and marketing tools used widely by businesses to impress the target audience. It serves as a potent medium of mass communication that sets it apart from other advertising strategies with advanced features. 

WebRock Media offers a feature-rich and diverse 3D Animation service that is suited to your precise business needs. Hire a 3D animator from Webrock to meet your demand. 

We come with highly experienced and proficient 3D experts(animators, designers, and developers) who can create top-notch animations and graphics according to your business requirements.

Get 3D Animation for Your Industry Type

We have the ultimate 3D animation solution for any type of industry as it has plenty of varieties. Our animations show a variety of effects that automatically boosts viewer engagement. 

With 3D animation, you not only impress the target audience for a specific product/service but also enhance your business’s overall image. 

Our supremely talented animators and directors implement advanced digital strategies to create enriching content for the programming, commercial, film, and TV industries.

Why Hire Our 3D Animator?

When you work with our 3D animation team, you get what you exactly want.

Here are the key reasons to hire our 3D Animator:

Skillful Resources

WebRock Media has got a skilled and dedicated team of 3D animators who have dealt with various projects of numerous clients. Being highly experienced and proficient in their work, our 3D animators can meet your demand no matter the complications of your project. 

Rich Industry Experience

With years of experience in the 3D animation industry, we have served many industries, including startups, SMEs, big enterprises, and MNCs. We are capable of understanding what your business needs to stay ahead of the curve!


We follow a flexible approach to work. So, you don’t get into fixed long-term contracts when working with us. You can hire our 3D animator for as long as you need them(hourly, weekly, or monthly basis). Moreover, you can initiate, cease, and resume operations whenever you want.


Our 3D animation process maintains full transparency in the operational process. We allow you to get involved in operations at your convenience. Once we start working on your project, our 3D animators communicate clearly whenever you reach out to us.

Customer Satisfaction

As we work only for customers, your satisfaction matters to me the most. No matter how critical your 3D animation project is, we put our optimum efforts to fulfill your demand. We make sure to complete every step and accomplish your project until you are totally satisfied.


We offer a high-end 3D animation service to you at a very affordable price with no compromise on quality. You can choose a  pricing model that suits your requirements. So, decide your budget before hiring our 3D animator as we ensure to provide the best with what you can afford the most.

3D Animation – Our Areas of Expertise

Hire 3D Animator
Hire 3D Animator

WebRock Media offers top-notch 3D animation services at a great price on time.

Take a look at the areas in which our 3D animators specialize:

3D Demos

With our assistance, you can display products via detailed 3D demos. Our animators can always aid you to spread information regarding your new products. To design attractive product demos (motion graphics or videos) to impress maximum target customers and intrigue them to go for your products/offerings, hire our 3D animator. 

Video Animation

Videos are one of the most engaging mediums of communication. Our 3D animators can make catchy animated videos, animations, and infographics that can offer a great customer experience. When we create such intriguing videos from us, you can extend your customer base as it promotes engagement and eases information delivery at the same par of excellence. 

Character Animation

This form of animation is about adding life to a character which is usually done to match its voice. It is a specialized area that focuses on creating emotions and thoughts besides actions. If you want to add life to all the characters in your animated videos, hire our 3D animation specialists with no second thoughts. 

Architectural Walkthrough

Our architectural walkthrough assistance helps you in visualizing your space of project construction. By hiring our 3D animators, you get a 360degree vision of your project. When you go via cross-sections and elevations, you clearly understand the status of the construction process. We specialize in sketches/CAD drawings including DGN and DXF files for your walkthrough model.

Hire a 3D Animator to Add a Distinct Touch to Your Brand Reputation

The online business world is overcrowded. So, you need to do what it takes to stand out in a crowd. 

3D animation is the key to improve your brand reputation online, extend your customer outreach, generate leads, and experience maximum business growth.

Hire our dedicated 3D Animator to get your work done exactly as per your requirements. Build your perfect 3D Animation team for a preferred timespan to complete your project successfully.

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We guide enlist models to help customers rapidly increase your group to meet your authoritative and business destinations, turning into an expansion of your IT business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are no rule books to follow for developing 3D animation videos. So, there can be no stipulated time frame set for each project. In fact, every project has its very own time frame. The time to develop and deliver a 3D video project depends on the client's requirement. Whether a short video or a long one, the animation, editing, and character development may take a significant amount of time relevant to the individual project. Each phase of the project may differ from the next one, and thus the time required for each project may also vary.
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Webrock Media LLP is a mobile and web development company. They offer an array of services related to mobile and web development, marketing, advertising, and many more and 3D animation is a part of the services provided by the company. We provide top-class solutions with the help of our excellent team of animators at the most reasonable price range. Let us look at the areas of expertise in terms of 3D animation. First, we are more than happy to provide a 3D demo for a product or the entire project. These demos are created with much attention paid to the details and trying to make them attractive enough to lure in clients. A 3D animation video is the ultimate thing that can make visitors take a look at the content or the storyline. The videos are made interesting with unique characters that somehow signifies with the brand or product. This is a fun way to invite clients. All of this is made and delivered on time, keeping the client informed with an overview of the project.
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We at Webrock Media LLP tend to keep our clients informed at every step of the project. The client’s involvement helps us understand the requirements better and make the character and the whole project as close to the description as possible. Apart from keeping them alongside throughout the process, we also provide an architectural walkthrough of the project before we hand it over. This way, the client gets to have the last say in the matter and only accepts the deliverable if they are up to the mark.
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3D animation is a trending subject in today’s time, and companies investing in it are doing so by sensing the potential of this untapped market as of now. As it is a fresh trend, you don't want to miss out on the opportunity; hence, the thought of hiring a 3D animator becomes all the more crucial. And we are here to tell you why Webrock Media LLP is your best bet. For starters, we have the best resources for creating the best 3D animated video. Our expert team consists of animators with industry-level experience. They are prone to making the contract flexible enough to induce changes whenever the client requires it. For whatever time you hire a 3D animator from Webrock Media LLP, they will keep you informed throughout the process. From transparency to after-services, we are very keen on assisting our clients every step of the way. To top it all off, the services are created according to convenience and at an affordable rate.
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The animators working at Webrock Media LLP are well-trained and proficient enough to deliver the project when they feel satisfied with the outcome. It is not just about meeting the deadline and delivering anything conclusive, but creating 3D videos passionately that embody the brand's USP. Animators are nothing short of artists; like any artist, they aim for perfection in anything they create.
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Webrock Media LLP has three models through which you can hire 3D animators based on time and money. These categories are part-time, full-time, and hourly. You can set up a contract with an animator from our deck who will be able to work at your convenience.
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3D animation is a trending subject, and the charges of each project depend upon the idea and its execution. Every project is different, and so is the animator's price range or charges. Our animators charge reasonably after revising the project requirements and handing out an estimation before starting the work to keep it as transparent as possible.
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When a company hires animators to create their video, they may already have a business prospect in mind. This is why the 3D video needs to resemble the brand or product or outright promote them without any layering.
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Everything we do at Webrock Media LLP is done for and with the permission and agreement of our clients. Thus, we keep them duly informed of all the details from before the start of the project to after the videos are delivered.
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We at Webrock Media LLP are inclined to curate and deliver projects with utmost care. Throughout the creation process, we keep our clients involved in each step of the way and give an overview just before it is delivered. Even after the project has been completed, if the client discovers any problem or needs assistance in anything further.
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  • Complete control over budget
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