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Food delivery is very popular, and most businesses are inclined towards having a food delivery app. As an entrepreneur, if you are looking forward to opening a food delivery app, then Webrock Media LLP is your best solution, as we are one of the leading names in the application development industry.

Choose us for the following reasons

  • The trusted name in the industry
  • Associated with the best developers
  • Offers superior coding system
  • Provides the best solution
  • A customized and scalable approach
  • Offer a better user experience 
  • Affordable rates

Webrock Media can help you to get the best solution at a very affordable rate, and besides that, we ensure the timely delivery of your project without compromising the quality. Therefore, with us, you will stay hassle-free with your project, as we can do that for you. 

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Hire Food Delivery Mobile App Developer

The rapid increase in the number of smartphone users makes it necessary for all businesses including food delivery service providers to own an outstanding mobile app to extend customer outreach. 

WebRock Media offers high-quality and customized food ordering app development solutions to clients around the world. 

Hire food-delivery mobile app developer from us to connect to your customers instantly and render a rich user experience. Our proficient development team analyzes all your precise needs and preferences before starting to work. 

Through our work, we have gained huge acceptance from innumerable customers. Once you build a robust brand from us, your customers can have their favorite food at their homes.

Due to the ease of food ordering and security, delivery apps are dominating the mobile app marketplace. We use cutting-edge tools and technologies to build food delivery apps suited to your requirements that work smoothly on various platforms. 

Our highly-experienced and dedicated mobile app developers deliver optimum efforts to fulfill your business objectives

We know how to build a fast, user-friendly, and captivating app with a form backend. Through the app built by us, your customers can track orders using geo-mapping. 

Our app displays a full list of search options and categories that are to be customized for a smooth ordering process. Enjoy multi payment options with cross-interface facilities.

Hire food-delivery mobile app developer from us today to flourish in your industry!

Why Hire Food Delivery App Developer?

WebRock Media offers a comprehensive food delivery app development service suited to your business requirements. Our skilled development team is always available at your service no matter how complicated your project needs are.

Here are the reasons to hire our food-delivery app developer:

Easily Accessible Solutions

To make money in food delivery service, you need to build an engaging app that customers can use easily. We make sure that users can mention the locations where they would avail of the service and enjoy accessing the mobile app altogether. 

On-time Delivery

To achieve quick success, you need to build and launch a mobile app soon. With years of experience in the mobile app development industry, we can add rich features and deliver output on time. This helps you to enter the market faster and earn maximum profits shortly.  


We offer an all-inclusive food delivery app development service at an affordable price without compromising on the quality. Besides development, we also offer thorough maintenance and support without charging extra. Hiring our team to build your app can always be a cost-effective yet profitable decision. 

Play Store Launch

Food Delivery app development is not enough. You need to launch it on the play store so your customers can access it. When you hire our dedicated developers, we do everything from ideation to app launch on play stores. Once we launch your app in the stores, people can access it easily leading to extending your customer outreach.


When you work with us, you do not need to get into fixed and long-term agreements. Hire our food delivery app developer temporarily(daily, weekly or monthly basis) to complete your project on time. We provide but not choose resources to fulfill your needs. You build your development team and scale it up/down later as per the changing requirements.

Food Delivery Mobile App Development Service – Our Areas of Expertise

The food delivery app development process demands a lot of dedication, effort, and skill implementation to complete your project on time.

Take a look at our areas of specialization:

Easy Registration

We allow your users to register or log in easily to access your app via email and social media options. 

Search by Categories

With our food delivery mobile app, your users enjoy an easy search process. They can look for their favorite dishes based on different categories. 

Simple-to-use Interface

Users always want an easily accessible mobile app interface. We customize well-built and perfectly structured app designs and interfaces that function smoothly on Android and ios platforms. 

Order Tracing

After your customers place an order, they can track it until it is delivered to their homes. Geo-mapping allows them to find out the exact location of order during the transit. 

Multiple Payment Options

When placing an order through your food delivery mobile app, customers can opt for multiple payment options. They can choose the right option at their convenience. 

Hassle-free Reordering

The order history and previous record analysis help your customers to replace their food items order with a few clicks. With our app, your users experience an easy reordering process. 

Order Scheduling

To offer a smooth order scheduling encounter to your users, the food delivery app was developed by us to place orders and schedule delivery times as per their preferences. 

Customized Meals

With our food delivery mobile app, your users get the facility to customize their meals at the time of placing an order and gain more satisfaction. 

Reviews and Ratings

Customer feedback matters a lot to gain more new customers. Your genuine users can post reviews and ratings using your food delivery app after taking your service.

Promotional Offers

Add a new feature of ‘promotional offers’ in your food delivery mobile app to entice your potential or new customers for ordering their favorite dishes from the top restaurants. 

Profile Management

The management options and smooth navigation feature allow you to edit your basic information, payment details, address, and other information. 


Chatting facilities fix many customer issues immediately. To improve your service, your app allows customers to chat with support agents directly as and when required. 

Social Media Ordering

Everyone is active on social networking sites these days. With our mobile app, your customers can place orders via their social media pages without logging in to your platform. 

Custom Feed

You can customize your feed by adding the most popular meals among customers from social media reviews to your app that helps to grow your sales significantly. 

Logistics Integration

Our food delivery mobile app allows easy integration with logistic partners that eases and speeds up the entire delivery process. 

Customer Care Integration

When you need assistance from us or restaurateurs, our mobile app acts as a reliable medium to directly connect and interact with them as and when required. 


Customers can get instant assistance from your customer care executives and resolve their queries by accessing the ‘support’ and ‘FAQ’ sections in your app

Hire Our Food Delivery App Developer to Meet Your Demand

Are you looking for an all-inclusive food delivery app development service at an affordable price? Hire a food delivery app developer from us with no second thought! 

With years of experience in the food delivery app development industry, we have become acquainted with a lot of advanced technologies and skills that help us to build outstanding mobile app solutions exclusively for your business!

Hire Food Delivery Mobile App Developer FROM WebRock Media LLC FOR UP TO THE MARK DEVELOPMENT

We guide enlist models to help customers rapidly increase your group to meet your authoritative and business destinations, turning into an expansion of your IT business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cost of developing any mobile application is between $20 to $80. But in the case of a food delivery mobile application, it can be between $25k to $120k, which is quite expensive. The development cost is based on certain factors, and complexity is the number one among all. If you are about to develop an app with easy features and by the standard method, the development cost will be between $25k to $40k. But if you want to introduce some different features or change the design, the development cost will be between $45k to $60k. But if you want to modify the entire app by introducing various advanced features, the cost will rise as high as $120k. So, we should speak with our developer to get details about the price breaks up.
  • 22
  • 1 answers
  • 22 votes
No, At Webrock Media LLP, we believe in clear communication, so we like to speak in detail before starting a project to let the client know about the complexities that may arise and the cost of the entire development. We never charge anything extra, and there are no hidden charges associated with our monthly invoice. If you are providing us with a project, then the developer's fees will be calculated along with the app development; therefore, you don't need to pay anything extra to the developer as his remuneration will already be associated with the cost.
  • 24
  • 1 answers
  • 24 votes
Of course, you can, and At Webrock Media LLP, you have the freedom to choose either a single developer who will be working as a part of your team or outsource an entire team from us to develop and maintain the project. If you are hiring a single developer, you can hire them hourly or even daily. If you choose a remote worker, then they will work with your team daily for a certain period by communicating via mail or video conference. Or, if you want, then our developer can go to your office daily for a certain time to work with your team. In the case of remote developers, you don't need to provide a system or internet connection as they will do it on their system. Still, you must pay for that, and the charges will be calculated within the remuneration. But if our developer goes to your place, you must provide him with a proper system and continuous internet connection.
  • 17
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  • 17 votes
In case of a long-term project, we generally provide a team to our client. Who will work closely with your company and team to develop and maintain a project? We have experience in long-term projects and have been with an outsourcing team of many renowned clients for over three years. So, whenever you need our team for more than six to nine months, we group it under long-term projects and provide excellent services.
  • 15
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  • 15 votes
It depends upon the preference of our client. Generally, we assign a project coordinator for every individual project who can take care of the entire project and will provide necessary updates about the ongoing projects. Our project coordinator will provide you with weekly and necessary updates whenever needed. You can contact them anytime for any queries and doubts, and they will be happy to help you. They are the only point of contact. But sometimes, if a client demands to speak with a project manager instead of a coordinator, we can also assign one for your convenience.
  • 13
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  • 13 votes
As stated above, we generally provide weekly updates. Still, in crucial conditions or to enlighten you about any new development, we immediately connect via mail or another method of communication to keep things clean and easy. If you want to hire a Food Delivery Mobile App developer rather than a team, you can expect regular updates as they will work closely with your team either at your place or remotely. But in both cases, you can expect daily updates from them.
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  • 21 votes
Yes, we offer support and maintenance even after the delivery of the project. In some cases, we provide packages in which support and maintenance come as a part. In such cases, you only need to pay for maintenance once the offer is valid. But after that, you need to pay for it every month. If you don't go for a package, you need to pay for after-sale support. It is advisable to speak with us to know about it in detail. He can better guide you on what to do in case after-sale support is a major concern.
  • 17
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  • 17 votes
Yes, you can negotiate over the quoted price in case you feel it is more than you expected. Although we will give you a detailed price break up of the quote, if you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to connect. And if you are unhappy with the quote, then we are open to negotiation and will settle on something that can be termed best for us.
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  • 12 votes


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