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Online dating is just in the town and thousands of young adults are liking this new theme and indulging more in this system. So as an entrepreneur, it is a great opportunity for you to build an online dating app which is flexible, engaging, user-friendly and highly secure. Webrock Media LLP is one of the leading app development companies who are providing a variety of app development services to thousands of clients.

  • We offer a lot of benefits which help us to stand out in the crowd
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  • Enhanced user experience
  • Reliable services
  • Use of cutting-edge technology
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Webrock Media LLP takes pride in providing creative and highly engaging dating app development solutions with the usage of the latest technology which can be scaled up or scaled down as per the requirements and you can even customize its features.

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Hire Online Dating Mobile App Developer

Online dating is trending in today’s world. To make the most of it, people prefer to use a robust and high-speed mobile app. 

If you want to build a unique and feature-rich online dating mobile app, hire our dedicated developer. WebRock Media comes with a skilled team of developers who can provide a wide variety of online dating app solutions suited to your business requirements. We can build a mobile app that works smoothly on various platforms – Android, Windows, and IOS.

We have been successful in fulfilling all mobile app development requirements for our clients to date. Hire mobile app developers from us to build the desired online date app as per your precise needs and preferences at a reasonable price.

Why Hire Online Dating Mobile App Developer?

WebRock Media has got proficient dating mobile app developers with years of experience in building customized solutions for the growth of your business. Our team is always available to serve you regardless of the complications of your project.

Here are the reasons to hire our online dating app developer:


As we have years of experience in building online dating mobile apps for different platforms, our developers easily understand what you exactly want. 


Users love to use attractive and interactive dating apps. We customize mobile app development solutions by adding rich features and functionalities. 


When we work on your project, we maintain transparency in communication. As we keep you updated about the latest happenings, you always stay aware of the progress.

Timely Delivery

You might be in a hurry to build and launch your online dating app in the marketplace. We assure timely delivery of your project so you can launch your app the day you want. 


To build trust among users, you need to add full security to your dating mobile app. So, we build app solutions that are safe and secure to use. 

Flexible Hiring

We follow a flexible hiring process. Hire our developers for as long as you need them (daily, weekly or monthly basis) to complete your project. 

Maintenance and Support

We don’t leave your side once we are done with development. As your mobile app regular maintenance, we are there to provide you support even after delivering solutions. 

Online Dating Mobile App Development – Our Areas of Expertise

With years of experience in the mobile app development industry, we have acquired proficiency in various niches of online dating app designing and building.

Take a look at our areas of specialization:

Android Dating App Development

Android is one of the most used operating systems in the world. Our team of developers can build an advanced dating app for Android users that helps in increasing customer outreach. 

IOS Dating App Development

Like Android developers, we have adept IOS developers who are efficient in building robust, scalable and reliable dating apps that IOS users will access smoothly. 

Clone Dating App Development

If you want your dating app to look and function exactly like a popular or your favorite app, hire our developer to get a perfect clone app development service. 

Dating App Designing

Our mobile app developers are extremely talented and create captivating designs that help you to attract maximum Android and ios dating mobile app users. 

Dating App Testing

We conduct thorough testing to detect errors and fix them immediately to offer you an error-free solution that never affects the performance of your device. 

Dating App Management

Our efficiencies are not only limited to dating app designing and development. We effectively manage your app so it delivers great performance every time. 

Online Dating Mobile App – Key Features We Add

Hire Online Dating Mobile App Developer
Hire Online Dating Mobile App Developer

An online dating mobile app with cutting-edge features and functionalities can satisfy your users with different needs and preferences.

Here are the key aspects that we add to your app during the development.

Hassle-free Registration

Without registration, users cannot access your online dating app. Our developers craft solutions in such a way that they can easily register and enjoy the app built by you. 

Membership Options

The app developed by us allows users to choose a ‘membership’ option they prefer and pay through multiple payment techniques interacted in your mobile app. 

Profile Management

We build user-friendly dashboards so your members can smoothly manage and edit information in their profile as and when required. 

Feature Profile

‘Feature profile’ allows users who are registered members to access their profile easily and gain more visibility. 

Custom Design

Our expertise lies in customizing attractive and innovative designs for your dating mobile app that helps you to impress maximum users. 

Push Notification

When users receive interest or face rejection of their profiles on the dating platform, they automatically get notifications because of this feature. 

Real Face Identification

‘Real face identification’ feature permits users to identify the real face of profiles they visit when accessing the online dating mobile app. 

Multiple Images Upload

Our hi-tech online dating app makes it simple for you to upload several images at once to boost the online visibility of your profile. 

Video Upload

Like images, users can also upload videos of different durations (introductory and explanatory) to add interesting elements to their profiles. 

Video Call

The in-app video calling feature allows registered members to call and interact via videos to  now each other well before meeting them personally. 

Social Media Account Integration

With the ‘social media account integration’ feature, your users can merge their accounts on the dating platform with social media profiles for comfort. 

Cloud Merging

The ‘cloud integration’ features allow you to include different cloud computing facilities in your dating app. This ensures the ultimate safety and security. 


The modern integrated filters make it easy for the users to search and discover their perfect match and the type of people they want to meet. 

Location Filters

‘Location filters’ is one of the finest features that help users to find out the most appropriate match living near their locations. 

Virtual Gifts

To attract and engage users for a long, our developers integrate the ‘virtual gifts’ feature to your online dating mobile app as that widens your customer base.

Hire Our Online Dating Mobile App Developer to Meet Your Demand

Are you looking for an all-inclusive Online Dating Mobile App development service at an affordable price? Hire Online Dating Mobile App developer from us with no second thought! 

With years of experience in the mobile app development industry, we have become acquainted with a lot of advanced technologies and skills that help us to build outstanding mobile app solutions exclusively for your business!

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We guide enlist models to help customers rapidly increase your group to meet your authoritative and business destinations, turning into an expansion of your IT business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

More or less we all know that a dating app needs to have some attractive yet engaging features which will help your customer to use it more often. You need to include certain exclusive features that will attract more and more people. Please note that dating apps are not only meant for young adults although they are the biggest consumers you need to create a design that can be accessible to all. A detailed verification system is necessary while opening an account in your app. The next important thing is to match the objective with the users. Besides that don't forget to use some general features like In-app messaging, and options to put like or comment to engage with other users. Add a section for viewing the preference of both and last but not the list is push notification.
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With the rise of the pandemic and social lockdown, the dependence of humans on devices and the internet has risen high. Online dating has gained much popularity during this time and if you are planning to start a new online dating app then know its benefits beforehand to get more encouraged. Matches Based on Location: At Webrock Media LLP we offer an opportunity to find matches near your location. This will help your audience to get the preferences of their date through proximity. So more and more people will join by getting this innovative feature and this gathering will help your business to grow more. Ease Of Searching: Webrock Media LLP offers a robust navigation and search bar which helps your audience to find their date without much hassle, thus people will continue to recommend your app and thus it will create a market for itself. Increased Safety: Protecting their users, whether it's men or women, from inappropriate interactions and communication is now a bigger priority for mobile dating application service providers. So, at Webrock Media We offer extreme safety and security options to our clients and users to help their audience to reply more. Increased Revenue Generation: As more people will start to engage themselves in finding their particular date in your flexible platform you will continue to grow more by earning more and by generating more revenue. Therefore you will get to earn more and will expand better
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Our app is not only flexible and gives your user a sense of security, but we take pride in providing maximum and enhanced features which are attractive, engaging and easy to use. With the usage of cutting-edge technology, our mobile application can be considered one of the best dating apps.
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Dating is for everyone and there is no bar of age. Although people who are below 18 can not open an account in this application in general it can be used by anyone who is above 18. Although people between 18 to 30 are more frequently in this application, people beyond that age can also use the app. So, the app generally targets everyone who is looking for an online partner.
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The general cost associated with the dating app development will be around $10,000 to $25,000. But, it is not the exact amount as it may differ based upon various factors. The biggest factor is the process of app development. If the process is very complex and uses various features then the cost will be more than $25000 and will continue to grow with the association of more features. The nest is the platform, with the use of a very interactive platform the cost will rise high. The third time is If you want your app to be delivered before the mentioned time frame then you need to pay extra.
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Being a leading application development company, it is our duty to provide software solutions to clients within a very short time. At Webrock Media LLP we take three to four months to develop an app, but sometimes it also depends upon the features and complexity which varies greatly. You can also get your app ready before the mentioned frame but in that case, the price will be more.
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This is one of the biggest concerns that comes with dating apps. The problem with dating apps is the user base. It’s even more significant for a new app. Dating apps are having fantastic functional capacities. The audience enters the app, but there are no profiles. Or there are no compatible profiles for his or her city. But Webrock Media LLP can solve this concern flawlessly and without any hassle by using their required user base.
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Most dating apps charge money for enhancing a user’s dating profile. There is also a variety of monetising techniques available your user have to pay for the expansion of the geographic coverage so you will find plenty of opportunity to make money.
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  • 20 votes


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