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As businesses of all sizes shift their focus to the digital world, the need for reliable and cost-effective ecommerce solutions has never been greater. With the rise of open-source ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, companies are now able to get their online stores up and running quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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Are you looking to upgrade your online store to the industry-leading eCommerce platform – Woocommerce? Look no further than hiring a professional Webrock Media LLP. Whether you need a custom theme, plugin development, or a more comprehensive e-commerce solution, finding the right WooCommerce expert is essential. Our developers can help you maximize your website’s potential and ensure it meets your needs.

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Manage Your Online Store On-The-Go with WooCommerce Development

Online Store

WooCommerce is an incredibly powerful open-source WordPress plugin that offers flexibility to build customized eCommerce stores. WooCommerce development has opened up endless possibilities for developers to add eCommerce functionality to their WordPress websites and create a fully functional online store. 

WooCommerce framework is the most customizable WordPress plugin available in the market. It allows you to develop an eCommerce platform quickly and take your business to the next level. Your WooCommerce developer will install various WooCommerce plugins to make your website fully functional and engage with your customers to eventually achieve conversions. 

A new eCommerce website requires the perfect home page design to attract customers. Your WooCommerce expert need to have a simple menu to give options to your customers to navigate to different pages easily. You must also consider the site layout, payment methods, and also shipping options. Now, that is not the end, as you must consider the backend requirements to run your site successfully. You need the best inventory management to know about your stock, manage optimum stock, and also place new orders based on that. You must also consider analytics to know how your business is doing. And yes! It is all possible with WooCommerce Development

If you are looking for a unique WooCommerce design, you must start with the process by hiring a professional WordPress WooCommerce developer for the work. Discuss your requirements with the developer so that they can give you a glimpse of the possibilities you can have on your website and accordingly choose the ones that meet your requirements the most. 

What Kind of Businesses Should opt For WooCommerce Website Design?

WooCommerce Website Design

WooCommerce is built with the concept of assisting business owners in selling anything online. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of products you want to sell; hiring a professional WooCommerce developer will help you to set up your online store quickly and sell anything that you want. Right from physical products to digital goods, affiliate products from online marketplaces, and services, you can sell it all through your eCommerce site built on WooCommerce technology. 

With the right WooCommerce plugin development, you can have a unique product page layout, product search page, product filter categories, cart, checkout page, and other attributes. If you have a large number of products with lots of SKUs, WooCommerce helps you to manage it all. It allows you to track your inventory, manage stock, place orders for fresh stock, and manage much more with WooCommerce custom development

If you run your eCommerce business in multiple countries, WooCommerce will help you to enable different payment gateways based on the customer’s location and their respective currency. WooCommerce allows transactions between major Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, and also Cash on Delivery. You can also opt for other payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Direct Bank Transfer, etc. remember, it is all about creating convenience for your customers to shop from your online store, and the more you offer, the more your business will grow. 

Right from the WooCommerce theme development from scratch to the WooCommerce shop page design, your WooCommerce developer will curate the right combination of plugins to develop a functional eCommerce site quickly. 

The Power of WooCommerce Development and Its Diversified Features 

Diversified Features

WooCommerce has been designed to help retailers as well as developers. As an entrepreneur, you may want to create a user-friendly site for your customers, and turning to a professional freelance WooCommerce developer will do the trick for you. Your WooCommerce developer will take you through the diversified features available on the WooCommerce platform and help you select the right ones for your site. 

With the right eCommerce website, you can enhance your online selling experience as well as provide a great customer experience. Here is what you will get by opting for WooCommerce development


WooCommerce is a reliable platform to build your eCommerce website. Being a WordPress plugin, WooCommerce is used extensively by developers and loved by entrepreneurs as the end product turns out to be beautiful and functional. WooCommerce platform is audited by Sucuri to ensure security measures on the web. So, you can run your online retail store with peace of mind. For more details, hire a WooCommerce expert today!

Customizable Platform

WooCommerce is loved by website developers worldwide. You can add in the specific features you want and make your website live within a short time, and start selling. WooCommerce also works along with other WordPress plugins. Speak to your developer about the customizations and features you want while discussing the WooCommerce development project. 

Content Management System

WooCommerce easily integrates your content with the framework. So, you need not worry if you want to add more products to your site and add in the product descriptions and other information conveniently. WooCommerce developer helps you to have everything under one umbrella. 

Sell Anything

WooCommerce helps you to sell all kinds of products via your website. Whether you have a large number of physical products, services, digital downloads, or even subscriptions, you can sell it all through WooCommerce. You may also sell affiliate products by adding the affiliate link of other ecommerce sites on your own website. 

Your developer will take you through WooCommerce theme development from scratch and create a stunning site for you to start selling your products. 

Endless Possibilities

WooCommerce development offers you endless possibilities in terms of customization and ease of use. Being an open-source platform, WooCommerce helps you to choose from a wide range of customization and plugins available and create your unique retail store online. Hire an experienced developer and go for WooCommerce custom development and start selling. 


WooCommerce designs offers the convenience of all kinds to customers. As they can access the eCommerce app or site from their mobile device, they can check out product specifications at any time of the day whenever they have some spare time. They can either wishlist their preferred products or keep them directly in the cart and then make the purchase at their convenience.

Why WooCommerce is A Developers Paradise

Developers Paradise

WooCommerce has been built while keeping the developer’s convenience in mind. WooCommerce is an open-source platform built on WordPress. According to 2021 data, WordPress proudly secures 37% of all websites on the internet. WordPress is currently the most popular CMS platform. Developers across countries love WordPress for being a user-friendly and developer-friendly platform.  

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that offers many customization options, and developers can build a new website quickly. It comes with more than 400 extensions officially, and developers can use pick and choose to develop a customized site and woo their clients. 

Right from the inventory management extensions, to shipping and marketing extensions, to eventually managing all accounting details on the go, WooCommerce helps with all. You also get REST API to manage everything in the whole eCommerce setup like products, orders, fulfillment, etc. 

A WooCommerce developer can manage all API endpoints, hook, filter, and major releases on the go and make changes accordingly. 

Developers who love WordPress love WooCommerce extensively and prefer to build eCommerce stores using this platform.

Why Should You Hire WooCommerce Developer?

Why hire

WebRock Media has got a proficient WooCommerce development team that implements the most appropriate techniques to deliver the desired output.

Top-notch Quality

With commendable expertise in WooCommerce development, our developers leave no stone unturned to maintain a high quality in performance and promote business growth.


Our WooCommerce developers scale up your website as your business expands, so your online store can easily fit the increased customers, data, sales and relevant things.


To earn maximum profits in online business, your e-commerce website needs to be easily accessible for customers. So, we make your website as user-friendly as possible.


When you hire a WooCommerce developer, we build well-organized navigation that improves the user experience. The website built by us saves the time of users and decreases bounce rates to a large extent.

Optimum Security

Our skilled WooCommerce developers implement state-of-the-art technologies to add security to your e-commerce website and keep it safe from intruders throughout.

Technical Support

We believe clients need assistance at any time of the day. So, we offer 24/7 support so you contact us at per convenience to ask queries and get immediate replies from us. Contact us to hire a WooCommerce developer.

What Can Our WooCommerce Developers Do for You?

Hire Woocommerce Developer
Hire Woocommerce Developer

WebRock Media has got an adroit WooCommerce development team whose expertise
lies in the following areas:


We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach and thus, customize WooCommerce development solution totally as per your business requirements.

Plugin Development

Do you want to customize extensions and develop plugins suited to your business requirements? Our Woocommerce developers can do it perfectly for you.


When you work with us, migration from any and every platform to WooCommerce gets hassle-free as our skilled developers do it impeccably for your business.

PSD Design Conversion

We convert PSD design effectively into your desired website and impress maximum target customers. This leads to increased conversions and thus, business growth.

Theme Development

Our WooCommerce customizes themes that enhance the aesthetics of your online store and implement advanced techniques to add a unique touch to your website.


We fix any major or minor issue WooCommerce development on an immediate basis. Our developers make sure that the e-commerce website is well-maintained always.

What Makes WooCommerce a Great Choice for Your Ecommerce Website?

wocommerce flow

Woocommerce has grown to be quite popular as an eCommerce plugin. If implemented
effectively, it can do wonders for your online store and thereby, grow your business. Here are the key reasons to use WooCommerce for your online selling platform:


As WooCommerce is an open-source plugin that is created on WordPress, you gain full control of your online store. By hiring our extremely talented developers, you can entirely customize the website as per your business needs, and that too paying nothing.

Multiple Plugins

WooCommerce has a large community of skilled developers and a wide variety of available plugins to meet your precise business demand. So, you can always find the most suited plugin. In case you do not find a proper option, our developers can build it exactly the way you want.

Compatibility with WordPress Themes

WooCommerce is compatible with most of the WordPress themes. Thus, you can choose a theme as per your preference with which WooCmmerce can easily function. A WordPress website makes it easy to sell products and services online if you install and run WooCommerce on the website.


WordPress is very user-friendly. Anyone who is aware of the WordPress admin interface can easily understand the functioning of the WooCommerce back-end in your online store. In case you find it difficult to do the same, our developers are always available to help you.

Convenient Digital Selling Platform

WooCommerce enabled website acts as a convenient digital platform to sell all kinds of products. It facilitates the process of membership building and online booking of appointments. To build such an e-commerce website, hire our WooCommerce website.

Easy Third-Party Integration

WooCommerce easily integrates your online store with a third-party element. To add flexibility to operations, you can incorporate a CRM software and order management kit.

SEO Friendly

WooCommerce operates on WordPress which is one of the SEO friendly platforms. If you choose WooCommerce as a plugin, it automatically gets easy to optimize your ecommerce website for search engines.

Inherent Analytics

As WooCommerce comes with integrated analytics, it helps to easily find important data about your online store such as sales statistics and order value. To gain more information, you can add other analytics to your e-commerce website with our developers’ assistance.

High Security

Every online shopper wants high safety and security on an e-commerce website. The WooCommerce development team partner with security professionals to regularly monitor coding and give updates as and when required. With WooCommerce, you can hope for the ultimate security.

Content Marketing Forum

Content marketing is all about crafting and distributing content online so it reaches your target customers instantly. WooCommerce is a potent tool of content marketing for online store owners as it brings long-term profits. As WooCommerce is based on blogging content management software, you can easily post content on your eCommerce website as per convenience.

Why Do You Need WooCommerce Website Development for Ecommerce Business?

WooCommerce Offers Wide Range of Features

WooCommerce has garnered a lot of limelight in the eCommerce industry for being an open-source plugin model. It is easy to install, integrate, and use. Your WooCommerce developer may start with the WooCommerce theme design while ideating the website layout. WooCommerce is user-friendly, and this is the primary reason why all WooCommerce developers love this platform so much. Here are the top reasons why you should opt for WooCommerce development

WooCommerce is Free

The best part of the WooCommerce framework is that it is free. When you are building your ecommerce site, you can make the best use of this free plugin framework to come up with some interesting features. WooCommerce offers a competitive advantage and flexibility in custom WooCommerce theme development

Before ideating the design layout of the website, your WordPress WooCommerce developer will consider your business requirements, special features you want to add to your online store, flexibility, and the user experience you want to provide to your customers. 

WooCommerce is Highly Customizable

WooCommerce websites are highly customizable. You may choose from a wide range of free as well as paid WooCommerce extensions and add unique functionality to your online store. Your WooCommerce product page design may have features such as product display, product segregation, and product search based on price, brand name, size, color, etc. 

You may have other features such as a cart and customers wish list, payment gateway, inventory management, accounting, reporting, marketing features, etc. You can go for a whole range of distinctive customization by using WooCommerce shop page design.

WooCommerce is Flexible

Thousands of eCommerce businesses are thriving across the world. Opting for self-hosted platforms like WooCommerce will give you the flexibility to build your own custom website. Right from the product display to a unique WooCommerce cart page design, your WooCommerce developer can give you a lot of options to choose from and make your online store more engaging. 

Having a convenient user interface will help customers navigate through various product pages easily and eventually make a purchase decision. The more time they spend on your eCommerce site, chances of having a conversion will be more. Go for WooCommerce custom development and enjoy the incredible WooCommerce power. 

WooCommerce is Easy to Install 

WooCommerce is easy to install. Compared to other eCommerce platforms, it is simple and easy to use. It allows a powerful content management system and helps you run your online store. Being an open-source framework, you can install, integrate, and set up WooCommerce quickly and also avail huge customization and make your website unique. 

Whether it is the WooCommerce theme design or any other special features in the website, you can do it all with WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce Offers Wide Range of Features

WooCommerce is built for online retailers to optimize their retail operations and get conversions. Hence, you will get what you are looking for in your eCommerce website. Whether you are considering the basic product page design or WooCommerce checkout page design, your developer will give you many options to choose from. 

There are various WooCommerce themes available, and you can choose and configure them on your eCommerce site to create a fully functional online store. Different kinds of features will give your customers the comfort of buying products from your store. 

Aspects You Should Consider Before Opting for WooCommerce Development

Aspects You Should Consider

While you plan to take your existing retail store online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when opting for WooCommerce development. You need to consider the following aspects while discussing the requirements of your eCommerce platform with your WordPress WooCommerce developer


When you want to take your retail business online, you must consider your budget for the same. Speak to your WooCommerce developer about the cost associated with such work. As WooCommerce is an open-source model, the cost will always be less. However, it is best to discuss the same with your developer to eliminate any chances of miscommunication. 


Any new business venture calls for scalability. You should be able to take it further in terms of adding more products to your catalog, increase sales volume and profits. The WooCommerce development should ensure all such aspects and help you scale your business higher. 


As there are thousands of eCommerce stores on the web, you need to make sure that you are offering something special and unique to your customers. WooCommerce allows a wide range of customization to make your website unique and user-friendly. 


To keep your customers on your eCommerce page, you must ensure that the navigation and other features are user-friendly. As there are many eCommerce sites available in the market, so users these days have loads of options to buy products and services. To keep them loyal to your business, you must ensure that your site is user-friendly and the users find it easy to buy their desired products.


As every eCommerce site comes with a payment gateway, your customers need to feel safe while making a payment transaction. Building your eCommerce site on WooCommerce ensures the best and the most reliable payment gateway integration. Go for WooCommerce development today and give your customers the cushion of reliability along with ease of making a purchase. 


WooCommerce comes with PayPal and Stripe payment options as a default setup. It also allows other payment gateway integration through add-ons and gives your customers options to choose from. Your developer can suggest you the best payment gateway so that your customers feel safe while making a payment transaction. WooCommerce development supports many payment methods, so you can also give options to your customers to choose their favorite payment method and carry out the transaction. 

What Will You Need to Start Your Online Retail Store?

Online Retail Store

To start your eCommerce store, you will need a business plan just like the traditional business model. Having proper planning of how to run your online business will reduce the chances of failure. 

You must start with the list of products you want to sell online. Though there is no limitation in terms of products category, you may start with a basic few and add more products as you scale up your business. 

The next thing you will need is a domain name, WordPress hosting account, and SSL certificate. You must discuss your requirements with the WooCommerce developer and learn about the options offered by them for specialized WooCommerce hosting and other associated features. Choose the features wisely so that your customers find them user-friendly and engaging. 

The idea of taking your business online is to engage more with your customers, so an easy-to-use site will make them stay longer on the site and increase the chances of sales conversions. 

Upload all your product details to the site and start promoting your business. With many options available to market your ecommerce business, you can spread the word faster and attract new customers to your website. You can also opt for integrating your product catalog with social media platforms so that your target audience can check your products while scrolling through their social feeds. 

The only way to gain success in your online retail business is to get hold of an expert WordPress WooCommerce developer, install all the necessary plugins, create a suitable WooCommerce my account page design and let your site go live. 

You may also ask your developer to add in more essential features such as WooCommerce business card & flyer design to make your website stand out and attract new customers to the site. Discuss all your site requirements with your website developer and let them create a fully functional and attractive eCommerce site for you. Build your site now and get going. 

Manage Your Orders Easily via WooCommerce

Order Status

As you start your eCommerce site, you must understand the backend operations to manage your orders conveniently. You may initially take help from your WooCommerce developer, and once your hands are set, you may start managing things on your own. 

Order IDs

When a customer finishes the checkout process on your website, a new order with a unique Order ID is created in the system. The Order IDs generated and usually non-sequential random numbers. However, you may opt for the Sequential Order Numbers Pro Plugin to have more control over your order IDs. The order becomes visible to the Admin users and shop managers having access to the user credentials. 

Order Status

Every new order comes with order status. An order status helps you understand the order’s fulfillment requirements until it gets delivered to the receiver. Your WooCommerce my account page design will ensure various updates on your sales values and help you manage everything easily. 

Here is what you will see on your eCommerce site under the order status bar.

 – Pending Payment

You get a pending payment status when a customer places an order but does not initiate the payment. You are awaiting the payment from the customer’s end. 

 – Awaiting Payment Authentication

You get this status when a customer initiates a payment transaction but does not complete it by giving the necessary authentication passcode. 

– Payment Failed

The payment failed status can be due to various reasons such as requires authentication from the customer’s side, or payment declined due to an invalid authentication code, or pending verification.

 – Payment Processing

This means that the payment will be completed, and you will need to ensure order fulfillment. Your stock will be reduced by the number of products purchased by your customer. 

– Payment on Hold

Payment on hold is a status when an order is generated, but the payment has not been completed. You need confirmation on the payment to proceed with the order fulfillment.

– Canceled Order

A canceled order means it has either been canceled by the customer or admin.

– Refund Initiated

When an order is canceled by any party, the next step is to initiate the refund to the customer. 

 – Order Completed

A completed order means the product is fulfilled, and you are done with selling an item, and you do not need any further action.

Managing Multiple Orders On The Go

When your eCommerce business starts getting sales, your order management page will have loads of data. You will have information on all your orders fulfilled or unfulfilled. Here is what you will see on your order management page.

  1. Customer name
  2. Customer billing address
  3. Order number
  4. Date of purchase
  5. Order status
  6. Purchase volume
  7. Amount paid

You can also use filters to segregate the orders by the date of purchase or by the customer information. You will also have the search option to find a specific order in your system and take action accordingly.

Multi-Site Order Management

If you run your retail business on various sites, you can still manage all your orders from your user dashboard. This feature gives you a lot of power to manage your eCommerce business conveniently. All you need to do is click on a specific order ID and get the entire order details on the specific site. Entrusting your WooCommerce plugin development along with the theme of the site to an expert WooCommerce developer will help you manage your online store quite easily. 

How to Manage SKUs on Your eCommerce Site

Manage SKU

The SKU in an eCommerce website denotes Stock keeping Unit. This is a unique ID generated for all your products to manage the inventory well. In WooCommerce development, your developer can add SKUs quickly. If you have a large number of products on your site, having SKUs generated will help you manage everything very easily. 

SKUs are used for multiple purposes. When customers narrow down their product search on Google, they go for price comparison and hence, search for products by their SKUs. Once they have got the SKU of a specific product, they might look for more information like price, shipping speed, etc., through SKU search. So, if your products do not contain an SKU, they will not appear in the search results. 

If your customers want to make a repeat purchase, an SKU search helps them find the specific product they are looking for. Though they can search using the product name and other associated information, having the SKU will lead them to the specific product instantly. 

Whether you sell products manufactured on your own or you purchase them from another manufacturer, having an SKU generated will help you stay on the same page with other sellers of the same product online. 

Ensure to add the SKU feature for your products while in the WooCommerce website development phase and start attracting customers from the web. Remember, today’s customers are always in a hurry. To keep them engaged in your website, you must ensure the fastest and the best purchase experience for them. So, do not fail to add special WooCommerce features, as such features will help you achieve business growth by optimizing your sales conversion rate.  

Ensure WooCommerce Inventory Management with the Latest Order Management Tool

Inventory Management

WooCommerce inventory management is a unique aspect of WooCommerce design. You can optimize your product fulfillment by integrating the latest fulfillment extensions such as Fulfilment by Amazon, ShipStation, etc. 

Having the proper inventory and order management extension on your eCommerce site will help you optimize your daily operations. Discuss the product fulfillment requirements with your website developer and ensure to stay updated with the latest feature. 

With the right order management tool, you can manage your inventory more effectively and quickly, right from product purchase, managing stock across multiple locations, and maintaining sync between order placement and fulfillment. 

Choose the right inventory management tool while ideating and discussing your WooCommerce website design requirements with your developer so that you can have the best management setup in place once you have your site up and running.  

You may also offer different shipping options such as delivery at the receiver’s location, local delivery, and customer’s pickup from the local hub. Allowing more options to your customers will help you gain customer loyalty and trust and eventually scale up your business. 

You will no longer have to manually enter the order details into the fulfillment software; you will get it all synced on your WooCommerce dashboard. So, all you need to focus on is to run your business effectively and enjoy the profits while WooCommerce takes care of all the backend management.

How WooCommerce Helps You to Manage Multiple Product Variations


When you have a large number of products to sell via your eCommerce store, you will also have different product variations such as different sizes and colors for the same product. Each product variation may have a different price, weight, and also SKU. 

You will be able to have complete control over each product variation based on the size, color, image, and stock. Adding a variable product to your WooCommerce site is easy. Managing the WooCommerce backend page is very easy. You need to go to the required dropdown features and add in the right set of information. You may add custom attributes like size, color, material, etc. 

You may seek the help of your freelance WooCommerce developer initially, and then once your system is set up, you can start doing it on your own. 

Manage all the product variations easily via WooCommerce as this platform gives you a lot of flexibility to run your online store efficiently.

How WooCommerce Development Helps You to Woo Your Customers

Woo Your Customers

Hiring an expert WooCommerce developer is the first step you can take towards building an online presence for your business. Your developer will give you options to choose from the wide range of extensions and plugins offered by this platform. Remember, an attractive eCommerce store can effectively engage your customers and generate a positive purchase decision in their minds. 

In eCommerce, success is calculated when a customer clicks on ten ‘Buy Now’ buttons and completes the payment procedure. Until you get them to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, your job is not done. So, it is important to have a user-friendly site for them to navigate through pages easily. 

Your WooCommerce developer can develop stunning sites where your customers can find all they want, navigate through the products pages effortlessly, and instantly make a positive purchase decision. 

Here Is What You Will Get on WooCommerce

Will Get on WooCommerce

Wide Range of Themes Available

WooCommerce offers you innumerable themes to choose from and add to your website. If you want to make your online store look unique and attractive, you must choose themes that best suit the business approach and its vision. Add your preferred theme on the site, and it will work seamlessly when your site is up and running while resonating well with your business outlook.

Unlimited Customization Options

The best part of WooCommerce is that it allows you unlimited options for site customization. You can edit any part of the eCommerce site and make it look unique and functional for your customers. Right from the home page setup, to cart design, to the checkout page, you can customize it all and create a stunning eCommerce website.

Embed Products and Checkout Option on The Same Page

WooCommerce lets you use shortcodes. For example, you can add your product page straight to the checkout page or ad landing page to the blog page, so keep the navigation going and engage your customers more on the site to eventually get conversions. 

Segregate Products Through Tags, And Categories

WooCommerce is an amazing technology, and it allows you to create a lot of variations in product display and offer product information to your customers. You can add product tags, product dimensions, weight, product availability, and other relevant product information. Having the option of product segregation will allow your customers to find the required product easily and make a purchase decision easily. 

Product Filtering and Sorting Option

The option of product filtering based on price, brand, size, color, etc., helps in saving time for your customers on the internet. They can also find their required product by using filters like popularity, product rating, price, new launch, and other such important attributes. Remember, the more options you offer your customers, the more chances you have to gain their loyalty. Go for a WooCommerce product page design with all these options in place. 

Sell Unlimited Products Online

As you start your eCommerce business, you may have only a few items to sell initially. But as your business grows, you can add in more and more products to your board and give options to your customers to choose from and buy those items that woo them the most. So, as you add more products to your store, you will eventually have more power and more success rate as a business owner. 

Products Rating and Review Options

Product rating and reviews are important aspects that can alter a customer’s decision towards buying the item. You may add the ‘Customers Rating and Reviews’ on the same page along with the products so that they can get to know what other customers feel about using the same product. You must ensure that you allow product reviews from ‘verified buyers’ only and now allow any random reviews on the site. Your customers will be able to use such authentic reviews from the previous customers to decide on buying the product.

Geo Location Tagging

You can add this geo location tagging feature to detect your customers current location and offer a cumulative price along with shipping charges and local tax calculations. This feature helps your customer to get an accurate price before buying the product.  

How Secure is WooCommerce?

Is WooCommerce secure

eCommerce sites built on the WooCommerce platform are secure. The WooCommerce platform is audited by Sucuri, the number one cloud-based platform that reviews and certifies the safety of all WordPress plugins. Sucuri offers protection from website hacks, helps in fixing hacks as well as preventing the site from future attacks. 

Sucuri Offers the Following Features

  • WAF (Web Application Firewall) Protection

Your ecommerce site, if built on WooCommerce, WAF will offer malware and hack protection. It will prevent your site from getting hacked, protect it from malicious codes and behaviors, and keep it updated to prevent future attacks. It will also prevent password cracking and other brute force attacks and prevent your eCommerce site from hacker abuse. 

Hackers try to find out website vulnerabilities to plan an attack. However, this feature protects the site, mitigates new threats, and protects your site with zero-day exploit prevention, and reduces site downtime. WAF also blocks layer 3, 4, and 7 DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and reduces site downtime. 

  • Monitoring

Sucuri offers constant site monitoring to identify any mark of site compromise or malware abuse. This feature allows you to scan your website regularly to detect any signs of compromise, hacks, or malware presence. Sucuri has an advanced website malware scanner to give you a wide clarity of your website’s security by detecting the presence of malware (if any) or any other indicators of compromise and fixes the same to ensure site safety. 

You can also check all your files hosted on the server to detect any signs of phishing pages, spam, backdoors, DDoS scripts, etc. Sucuri also offers DNS Monitoring options to detect any changes on the site’s domain name system. You will also receive instant alerts if any changes are made to the site’s SSL Certificate. You will also get SEO spam scanner support to detect any signs of SEO spamming on all the major search engines.

Continuous Sucuri monitoring allows you to get regular monitoring updates and alerts to know about the safety of your website along with website uptime status (if at all your website faces downtime).

  • Incident Response

Sucuri offers optimum incident response with a dedicated incident response team who work tirelessly to clean up your site and eliminate all traces of malware and malicious codes on your database and files. They quickly repair and restore your hacked site and ensure optimum safety to all the data on your site. 

Sucuri helps you to remove the blacklist status of your website easily by submitting the blacklist removal requests for your site and getting rid of the security warning on your site. You also get help to repair SEO spam keywords and make your site rank higher on the search engine. 

And the best part of Sucuri is that it helps in preventing any future attacks on the site by blocking any malicious traffic on your site.  

  • Performance Boost

Sucuri also offers a site performance boost with the help of their optimized CDN. CDN runs on the Anycast network, which is distributed globally. So, you can avoid the redundancy of your website and obtain website speed optimization with 24 hours of site uptime. Your website will run faster and offer a heightened user experience. The multiple Sucuri CDN caches will increase the runtime speed by up to 70%. Sucuri offers it all to the site owners.

So, using the WooCommerce platform to build your eCommerce site will ensure peace of mind while running your business. 

Why Is WooCommerce Development Cheaper Than Other Options in The Market?

WooCommerce Development Cheaper

WooCommerce is an open-source self-hosted platform, and it offers you multiple options to make your site unique and functional. Being a free WordPress plugin option, you can build your site easily. You can use it for free unless you install premium extensions to the site. 

The cost associated with WooCommerce development includes the domain name, hosting charges, and installing security features. If you opt for additional advanced features such as receiving professional reports on everything happening on the site, you would need to pay extra for that. 

The best way to build your WooCommerce site is to hire a WooCommerce developer and obtain a beautiful look on the site. On the WooCommerce platform, all the pages can be tweaked and customized to make your site unique. WooCommerce offers you a whole lot of flexibility to build and publish your site and achieve success in your business.

How Scalable is WooCommerce?


WooCommerce development offers a wide range of customization and the ultimate control on flexibility. WooCommerce is scalable. It allows you to choose your product domain or services and sell them via your online store. You can keep adding new products to the catalog as your business grows with time. 

You can also better manage your CMS (Content Management System) with WooCommerce and add new products to the site or delete old products you no longer sell. As per data, WooCommerce powers approximately 28% of all eCommerce sites on the internet. WooCommerce is powerful and helps you to manage every bit of the website quickly. 

When you run a sales campaign and come up with new offers and discounts for your customers, you can expect a high volume of sales transactions happening on the WooCommerce site. And, you will need to manage your inventory accordingly to meet the customer’s requirements. WooCommerce allows you to manage the sudden surge in sales volume while ensuring the site is running optimally. WooCommerce conveniently allows large-scale online stores to conduct business optimally and take their business higher. 

Having a professional WooCommerce developer onboard will help you manage the site’s speed and quick page loading time. Your developer will optimize the website’s speed and help your customers have a good experience while navigating through the pages of your site and making a purchase. Discussing your business requirements with your developer will help you get the right support WooCommerce development team and run your online store successfully.

How Your WooCommerce Developer Maintains the Performance of An Online Store? 

Maintains the Performance

As you scale up your ecommerce business, you will have more products listed on the site. There will be a lot of transactions happening on a daily basis. However, the important factor is that your site needs to function in an optimum way while maintaining its page load time and the overall speed of the website. 

Your WooCommerce developer generally focuses on the following factors to ensure the optimal performance of your site. 

Server Hardware

If your website is hosted on a server with a premium hosting package, you will never have any issues with the scalability of your business. You can discuss with your developer to choose a good hosting provider so that they can support large traffic efficiently. This will help you to ensure optimum user experience even during SALE with a surge in page visits and transactions. 

Website Traffic

Your WooCommerce developer may work on distributing the traffic evenly and ensure your site’s functionality to the best of its level. As a WooCommerce website is built for the purpose of selling products and other associated services, it is important to manage huge traffic on the website and ensure the site’s performance.

WooCommerce Code

Your WooCommerce developer needs to update all the website plugins as soon as they are available. Updated plugins work best as they come with optimized codes and help the eCommerce site to run faster even when you have a large number of products updated on the product catalog. 

Other Website Plugins

As WooCommerce needs to be updated, you need to ensure all other plugins and themes on the site to be equally updated with the latest codes for optimum functionality. 

Having all the features of your eCommerce site updated all the time will ensure the highest level of site performance. So, discuss the same with your WooCommerce developer as you plan to scale up your business and achieve all your business goals with the help of this useful tool called WooCommerce.

The Final Wrap


WooCommerce platform is the most preferred platform among the website developer’s fraternity for offering a host of customization options. WooCommerce is built to help developers create unique websites quickly. All they need to do is buy a domain name, choose a hosting provider and start working on building a stunning site for your eCommerce business. 

WooCommerce is highly adaptable and allows a large number of website functionality. Having a professional WooCommerce developer onboarded will help you get your desired outcome from the website development project and start selling products quickly. 

You must discuss your business requirements along with your expectations with the developer before opting for WooCommerce development. Knowing your expectations from this project and your business goals, your developer will choose the right tools and extensions to create a fully functional eCommerce website and help you start selling your products and other associated services.  

WooCommerce has more than 10 million downloads to this date, and it clearly shows its popularity among developers across the world. Also, WooCommerce is loved by store owners as it gives them the flexibility to manage all aspects of the eCommerce business. 

So, do not wait any longer; NOW is the time if you are about to start your eCommerce business. Get in touch with an expert WooCommerce developer and enjoy selling products online. Get all the analytics and manage your sales performance on the go and enjoy attracting new customers to your website and happily scale up your business.  

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As a WooCommerce Developer, we specialize in customizing WooCommerce websites and creating custom plugins and extensions for eCommerce stores. Our services include theme development, plugin customization, site optimization, and store integration.
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We recommend using a managed hosting provider for WooCommerce websites, as this will provide the best performance and security for your store.
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Depending on the scope of the project, there may be additional costs associated with developing a WooCommerce website. These could include the cost of plugins, themes, and hosting.
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