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Taxi App Web Panel Visuals

A taxicab app has different features & functionalities which are unique. A Dashboard can assist the admin in viewing all details of all the systems like the numbers of drivers, riders, vehicle type & revenue. A Taxi App stands out in the crowd with its user-friendly characteristics. To know how well these elements work, it is essential to have a visual demonstration of each page of the Taxi app- Web Panel Visuals.  

Let us take you to view the web panel.

Taxi App – Web Panel Visuals For The Main Page

Taxi App Web Panel Visuals For The Main Page
Taxi App Web Panel Visuals For The Main Page

The home page of an on-demand platform has different features & layouts. A Taxi app’s webpage helps users sign in, requesting them to join the forum to avail of the taxi ride services. Here is a discussion in detail of the web panel visuals. 

Log In & Registration Panel: A registration tab is provided when the user clicks on the registration page. Users can log in with their accounts using an I.D., email, phone number, or password. The registration page has all the necessary information of the user, which aids them in getting registered. 

Language & Currency: When users log into a taxi app, they must choose their preferred language before signing in. They can also set up the currency.  

The Operation: This home page part displays the entire operations of the platform by the company to know about the functionality. The user can learn about the services of the Taxi app. 

Fare Estimation: The web panel has a section for fare estimation. If you enter the pick-up & drop locations by typing the place or by using the GPS location, the app will automatically calculate an estimated cost of the ride.  

Booking A Cab: The Taxi app – Web Panel Visuals for the home page should have ride booking features. The passenger can easily book or schedule a cab by calling or chatting.  

Download The App: The web page must allow users to download the app. The home page should promote advertisements for downloading the app from the play store. 

Driver/Passenger Registration: The home page is the introductory page of the platform & services. It features registration options for both the driver & the rider too. The driver or the rider can choose one of the two for that specific user page to register.  

Support: A Taxi app – Web Panel Visuals should have a support panel. Passengers, who are the heart & soul of the app, can share their valuable feedback, offer suggestions for improvement, or even may raise a complaint or their grievances.  

Taxi App – Web Panel Visuals For The Passenger’s Panel

Taxi App Web Panel Visuals For The Passengers Panel
Taxi App Web Panel Visuals For The Passengers Panel

Apart from the home page visuals, different pages have something to offer. The passenger panel is essential because happy customers mean a flourishing business. 

Registration & Login: This is an optional feature; the riders have to fill up some personal details to register & create a profile on the Taxi platform. 

Booking A Ride: When riders log into the account, they can book their ride. The rider has to enter the pick-up and drop locations, and the Cab company will try to locate a cab nearby. 

Manage Profile: There is an option for passengers to manage their profiles. They can change any detail such as mobile number or email I.D.  

My Trips & Invoice: The profile has all the details that the rider may need afterwards. My Trips or the booking history keeps track of all the ride bookings they have made on the platform. The account includes their location, payment history, & other ride details. They can even get a digital record of invoice details if necessary. 

Wallet: The wallet is an essential feature in a Taxi app. The Taxi app – Web Panel Visuals for the passenger’s wallet consist of a payment system and managerial options. The rider can use the wallet to make a transaction after receiving a ride service. They can manage the wallet from their profile. They can even withdraw the amount from their bank account. 

Taxi App – Web Panel Visuals For The Driver’s Panel

Taxi App Web Panel Visuals For The Drivers Panel
Taxi App Web Panel Visuals For The Drivers Panel

A driver’s Web Panel Visuals differ slightly from the passenger’s panel. The functions are integral for the drivers with whom the ride can be completed. 

Registration: It is essential to register on the platform first to start working. The drivers have to fill out a digital form, and they have to qualify under specific criteria. The admins then verify the information. 

Log In: The driver will be directed to the login page after registering on the platform. The Taxi app- Web Panel Visuals has the necessary login procedure; they must fill in their I.D. & password to access their profile. 

Manage Profile: The drivers can create a profile, unlike the passenger. The profile contains personal information; they can manage their profile from the ‘manage profile’ option on the page. They can even change their data.  

Menu: The driver’s menu contains the things that a driver digitally needs from the app, like the records of the rides, the wallet, their earnings, and a few other things. 

Add & Manage Your Vehicles: The driver can manage their cab from the app or the web panel. They can add another vehicle to the profile. They have to register the model and the vehicle number on the platform. 

Manage Trips & Invoice Details: The Taxi app – Web Panel Visuals of the driverś panel has a feature to manage trips. The drivers can view their booking history and even access the invoice details.  

Earning Report: A taxi app should have an earnings report option for the driver. The report consists of a list of trips and their respective earnings. The drivers can view the status occasionally and ask the admin to transfer the threshold amount to their account. 

Wallet: The wallet feature is integrated into the driverś web panel. The driver must keep a sufficient amount in their wallet for cash transactions. The company can then deduct its commission on cash trips from the wallet. 

Taxi App – Web Panel Visual For The Admin’s Panel

Taxi App Web Panel Visual For The Admins Panel
Taxi App Web Panel Visual For The Admins Panel

The admin panel consists of all the features associated with the day-to-day operations. The admin is responsible for managing the platform efficiently. Here is a visual representation of the adminś panel of a taxi app. 

Admin Registration: The Taxi app – Web Panel Visuals includes the registration of the admin itself. 

Admin Login & Profile: The registration process will assist in creating an admin profile. Admins can log into their accounts using their i.d & password for security purposes. 

Admin Menu Panel: The admin menu has a feature on the dashboard that performs specific tasks like preparing statistics and analyzing reports. From managing the fleet of vehicles and the ride bookings, the admin is responsible for the price-fixing of the fares. 

Users List: The Taxi app – Web Panel Visuals has a userś list. This list contains detailed information about every user who uses the platform. It keeps the records of the drivers also who are using the platform. The admins can also view the ride trips of both the driver and the rider.  

Manual Dispatch: A manual dispatch panel sometimes plays a vital role. The dispatch is for accepting booking requests through phone calls. 

Schedule Booking: The admin is responsible for approving any scheduled booking by rider or passenger. The admin can confirm the booking. Otherwise, it may be considered null and void. 

Trip Report: Every trip should have a digital report with all the related information like the destination, payment amount, driverś’s name, and other details. 

The visuals may vary depending on the features and presentation of every platform. We can integrate all the necessary elements into the on-demand taxi app. Webrock Media is one of the best development agencies, and we provide top-notch services to our clients. We develop software applications in cost-effective ways. We guarantee that we provide the best quality and never compromise. The Taxi app – Web Panel Visuals are created by a team of professionals with expertise in their respective fields, and you can be sure you won’t be disappointed. 

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