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Android App Development Cost

Most of the brands think about how much it would cost before starting an Android app development project. There are few brands which, in the urge to save money, do not hire or employ professional app developers. Instead, they endeavor to build the required apps themselves. But with self-developed apps, you might not score the correct output, which only an expert and meticulous Android app developer can provide you.

Any reputed and recognized Android app development company with years of thorough and exhaustive experience in multiple platforms of the specified field can efficiently deal with IoT, ML, AI, and other leading-edge technologies. The company app developers do not face any significant complications in dealing with various projects. Even if the engineers face any problem while working with any Android development project, they cognize and rectify their mistakes immediately.

The team of such reputed companies will thereby assist you with their skilled perception and knowledge. And the experience of a committed professional team will bar you from making any repetitive mistakes. A systematic approach of multiple steps with a fixed timeframe is fundamentally involved with Android app development. At the beginning or initial stages, you can reduce the mobile application development cost notably. But such significant cost reduction is only possible if you are building or developing the application by yourself.

The Android App Development Cost Has Been Elucidated in The Following Part:

  • App functionalities – the capabilities of an app intended for users
  • Supported devices – if your app will be supported by mobile devices such as Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Mini.
  • Integration – if your app would be integrated with third-party apps as a source of its content.
  • Visual object utilization – how to use visual objects as that affects the development cost.
  • Hardware features – if your Android app uses advanced features such as Augmented Reality tech, motion coprocessor, NFC technology, GPS navigation, and other technologies.
  • Maintenance plan – required technical support from the developer after the app development.

Cost of Android App Development: Cost Stages

When you know the cost of various stages of Android app development, you can raise/allocate capital accordingly. Discovery, design, development, testing, and deployments are crucial stages or steps of Android app development.

Many companies have said the pre-research stage costs approximately $5,000, where 22% crossed the $5k limit and invested $10k. 14% of businesses invested an amount ranging from $10 to $25k. Discovery is the cheapest Android app development stage.

The cost of Android app development varies from one stage to another because of the level of complexities. For instance, if your app has in-built analytics, if your app supports backend CMS/server, your app has social media sharing features/ integrated shopping cart, and much more.

Hire an Android App Developer: Cost Breakup

It is a natural tendency to think and calculate the cost incurred while hiring an Android app developer. According to the records of, companies should pay around $89000/year to employ US-based mobile app developers.

Australia and Germany follow the US with $76,000 and $66,000 respectively after local currency-to-USD conversion.

But if you want to get an application developer expert at a lower price, you can appoint one from India. Indian app developers are relatively cheaper than Australia, Europe, and North America. Indian app developers will charge approximately $4,000 per year.

Before recruiting or employing any app developer, you must take a note of the following factors:

  • Technical Expertise
  • Achievements
  • Client Feedback

The above factors are incredibly essential before appointing any Android app developer. Only thinking and calculating the Android app developer’s service charge would not help you create a smooth and perfect Android application.

The Cost of Android App Maintenance

app maintenance

The maintenance of Android app development involves a cost. Approximately 15 % to 20% of the app development cost is the average app maintenance cost. The maintenance cost can be distinguished into the following:

  • Cost Of Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • Engagement
  • Marketing
  • Update
  • Licensing

It is important to calculate mobile app back-end-data hosting costs so that your apps can smoothly handle various types of mobile data.

A high CPU web server with ample RAM and disk space is required for an Android app that supports different media types.

Considering these factors, an app hosting web server varies between $70 to $320 per month. Among Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and other top web hosting solutions, you must choose the right one for your e-Commerce business.

To achieve a favorable outcome of your Android app development project, the task of monitoring your app’s functioning is essential. In fact, for better monitoring support, you can also sign up with great mobile analytics platforms.

Almost all types of mobile apps hold an exclusive set of customer bases with their varied preferences. Your Android app development budget estimation gets easier when you connect with any of the putative, prominent, and popular mobile app development companies and elucidate your thoughts and ideas to the company’s expert team.

An app installation process is the first step for Mobile app engagement. Depending upon countries, platforms, and specific ad units, the price of an app installation varies. Approximately $2.24 / install is the estimated price of Cost Per Install (CPI) across the world.

An approximately maximum of $7.5(registration cost), maximum of $87 (in-app purchase), and a maximum of $46(subscription) have been calculated as the average Android app development costs across the world in the year 2018 to 2019.

The launching of almost all the mobile apps on Android platforms was subsequently released. It’s not easy to build the perfect Android app with version 1.0 from the other subsequent updates are excellent tools for a steady increase in in-app user base engagement. Based on app development, complexities depend on the time taken to build up an update. In contrast, a genuine update release on an app store takes approximately an hour.

The entire app development cost increases when the app developers use different type of technology and platform. An apt Android app developer can use single or multiple technologies to create your Android mobile app design for which developers need to pay for a license. The license fee varies from $100 to $ 120K/year for 50 devices.

The Bottom Line

Bottomline of app

If you want to build a mobile app, you must get in touch with WebRock Media and discuss your Android app requirements. App complexities and development team location are two high valued factors that you must consider while preparing a budget or cost estimation for Android app development in the near future.

Android applications are extensively or universally accepted. Therefore, it is a rational decision to develop a sturdy app for your eCommerce business that Android can support to run smoothly. Infrastructure is one of the critical determinants for an Android app development cost. It would be great if you save your time on activities such as scalability, data storage, and third-party API integration.

Contact us today and let us discuss your Android app development project.

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