The Essential Features Of A Bike Taxi Software

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The Essential Features Of A Bike Taxi Software

On-demand transportation has become easier with bike taxi booking apps. Like Uber, Webrock Media can develop bike taxi software; with the app, customers can request a bike ride to their destination. We provide a feature-rich bike taxi software development service with experts with years of experience in the software development industry.

We are excited about the potential opportunities that on-demand apps like bike taxis offer. We guarantee the guidance of the latest technology & successfully carry out a tailored bike taxi app development project. 

Bike sharing can be easily accessed on a single mobile app platform. We can help them with a more innovative approach. If you are an entrepreneur and want to provide bike taxi services and earn good revenue, then connect with Webrock Media for a bike taxi software design and the required features to add to your app.

What Are The Features Of A Bike Taxi Management Software?

The Features Of A Bike Taxi Management Software
The Features Of A Bike Taxi Management Software

We develop customized bike taxi management software with the latest features that offer the best customer experience.

Here are some elements:

For The Passenger

Trip Fare Estimate: This estimate will assist the riders in knowing the exact fare before booking the ride. 

Call Masking: The masking facility will help the user to call the driver and share his exact location. This call masking facility will help to protect the passenger’s contact number from getting misused. 

Update Trips: This facility allows users to edit their destination even during an ongoing ride. 

Reviews & Ratings: The rider can review and rate the journey and share their experience after successfully completing a trip. 

For Driver/Ride Partner

Ride Request: The driver can accept or reject a ride booking request within a stipulated time.

Navigation and ETA: The rider can view their pickup location and will get an ETA too.

Earnings Wallet: The driver will get a quick idea about his earnings from the wallet. He can withdraw the amount too. 

In-App KYC: If a new driver-partner joins, they can easily upload all the necessary documents. The admin can verify the same effortlessly.

For App Admin

Promo Code & Referral Program: Admins can give new promo codes to draw more customers. They can introduce a new referral program that will encourage existing customers.  

Fleet Management: Admin will be able to manage and get real-time updates of both the passenger & the driver by using the real-time status module.

Customer Care: This feature will assist the admin in answering and resolving any customer queries.  

Data Management: The data management element allows the admin to collect data on different metrics. They can utilize these data to analyze the behaviour of the user.

How Is The Bike Taxi Application Operated?

The Bike Taxi Application Operated
The Bike Taxi Application Operated

Webrock Media works efficiently to develop the application to be fully functional so that your customized bike taxi app software gives seamless bike taxi services to the users. It has all the enriched features to make it a perfect user interface. 

Here are the following steps on how to operate the bike taxi application:

Download the App: Passengers must download the bike taxi app on their phones and sign in by filling in their details. They will get a verification code. And with that code, they can book a bike taxi ride effortlessly.

Book a Ride: Riders can enter their pickup & drop location and see the total fare price of the ride. After confirming & choosing the payment mode, they can book their ride. 

Ride Partner Accepting the Booking: When a customer books a ride, a notification is sent to the nearest available ride partner. They can either accept the ride or decline. In case they decline the request, another available driver will get the ride request notification. 

Ride Partner Getting The Details: Once the booking is accepted, the ride partner will receive all the ride details, such as the pickup & drop-off location of the passenger. 

Passenger Getting Driver’s Details: The passengers will also receive the details of the ride partner, including their name and the license plate number of the taxi bike. 

Customer Pickup & Drop Off: The ride partner reaches the pickup location and then drops off the customer safely at their destination. 
Reviews & Ratings: Once the ride gets complete, the customers can share their opinion by rating the trip. Passengers can share their ride feedback to enhance the overall service.

What Is The Business Model of Bike Taxi Dispatch?

The Business Model of Bike Taxi Dispatch
The Business Model of Bike Taxi Dispatch

An enriched bike taxi management software can provide customers with the best experience with the on-demand transportation facility and help them reach their destination safely. We can offer a well-curated transportation solution with the bike taxi dispatch app, ensuring a convenient and faster commuting service.

Users/Passengers: Users can use the bike taxi app to reach their desired destination within the stipulated time. With this application, they can save a good deal of money, as a bike taxi is a much cheaper option than other modes of transport. Customers can utilize the bike taxi services to optimize time & money.

 Driver/Ride Partner: The driver can earn a commission on each ride. 

Instead of their bike taxi services offered to the passengers, they can earn a profitable income in this business process.
Bike Taxi App Owner: The owner of the bike taxi business can attain revenue via commissions & marketing campaigns. The bike taxi app owner can earn a good profit on each ride.

Why Us?

The Bike Taxi Application
The Bike Taxi Application

Webrock Media has made a name for itself as a software development service provider catering to clients worldwide. We are proud of our endeavors to build taxi dispatch software. Our skilled taxi app developers will assist you in creating customized bike taxi management software for emerging services in the transportation industry. 

Entrepreneurs are looking for a unique solution for their new business to provide them with seamless transport services. We will try to meet your demand, and our bike taxi software developer will walk you through every development step. Our efficient team of bike taxi software designers will put their best to come up with their brilliant work. We will help you launch a fully optimized, dedicated, and seamless bike taxi service app for an effective commute service.

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