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Crypto business is changing the entire economic scenario of the world and amplifying the growth rate of crypto business; the easiest and most effective way is to develop a white level of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software. Being a leading app development company, WebRock Media offers advanced features, a reliable trade environment, and speedy and safe transactions. Therefore, users will be more interested and rush to use the exchange development mobile app. 
We understand the present market scenario and how much there is demand for such white-level and trustable Cryptocurrency clone app development. Our team of expert developers will develop an app that is completely scalable to your needs and also offers customization; besides that, this white-level app is highly feature-oriented and provides an easy and user-friendly platform to users worldwide. Our business experts will analyze the objective and goals and your requirements and offer a fully customized white-label platform. Whether you are an entrepreneur or planning to initiate a small start-up, our assistant will help you to grab your goals in every possible way.

Salient Features Of The Cryptocurrency Clone App Development

Salient Features Of The Cryptocurrency Clone App Development
Salient Features Of The Cryptocurrency Clone App Development

Please note that our white-level solutions will provide the following features you can customize per your business requirements.

Easy & High Transaction

We offer the speediest transaction, about 100,000 per second, without any hassle or technical glitches. This incredible high performance makes it the first choice.

Robust Trade Engine

The trade engine in our multifunctional Cryptocurrency clone app is feature enough to take care of the various trade orders like a stop order, order limitations, market orders, etc., and many more

Multi-wallet Support

With the assistance of an encrypted multi-wallet which is highly secure, your users can deposit and store their multiple digital assets in a very trustable and secure environment.

Liquidity Pool

Our Cryptocurrency clone app development experts can easily evaluate and understand where the buyers get stuck. So we provide them with the right assistance to find the ideal seller with secure APIs, thereby promoting liquidity achievement.

Multiple Payment Modes

We understand the client’s requirements and try to improve client satisfaction by providing various payment options in our crypto exchange development modes. This way, payment processing will be easy, speedy, and reliable for your app users.


Stake reward is important for crypto users, and users always look forward to having it. This feature allows any white-label crypto exchange software users to earn attractive and lucrative stake rewards by enabling them to stake their digital assets and also assist them in compounding it for future rewards.

Bot Trading

Bot trading is another advanced mechanism in our white-label Cryptocurrency clone app development platform. This is a very attractive feature through which asset trading can be carried out automatically without any disturbance or hassle, only by knowing the best deals.

Latest And Informative Analytics

Analytics is another major aspect of app development, and smart analytics helps businesses grow and prosper. The advanced chart tools present in the white-label crypto exchange mobile app solution will allow your esteemed users to keep proper track of their daily trading graphically and systematically and in under one roof.

Referral Program

It is a kind of marketing tool which helps in the advertisement of your Cryptocurrency clone app. The referral program is an exciting and promising reward tool for traders. By referring a variety of crypto users to the crypto exchange development platform, they can easily earn lucrative rewards in the form of crypto tokens, and your app will get the much popularity it deserves.


Last but not least is our legal tool which helps you to stay afloat in the complex market scenario. This tool in our white-label crypto exchange mobile application assists in the easy onboarding of new customers prevents fraudulent activities, and keeps the environment safe and secure. KYC and AML mitigate any legal issues that might arise while enhancing user trust.

The Conclusion

Cryptocurrency clone app development
Cryptocurrency clone app development

So what are you waiting for? Connect with us today or drop a mail and launch your white-level Cryptocurrency clone app development from scratch. Get a free demo today and get ready to launch your app soon.

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