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With the advent of the internet, e-wallets have become a trend. Advanced technology has transformed the way people transfer on both peer-to-peer(P2P) and C2B platforms. If you want to build a state-of-the-art payment system, get in touch with WebRock Media. 

We customize robust and feature-rich e-wallet suited to your requirements. Our years of experience have made us efficient with the nitty-gritty of mobile app development. So, you get what you exactly want when you hire e-wallet development service from us. Work with us temporarily (daily, weekly or monthly basis) to complete your project on time. Build a team with our resources and get the desired results.

Why Hire E-Wallet Developer?

e-wallet development

WebRock Media offers a comprehensive service on e-wallet development suited to your business requirements. Our skilled development team is always available at your service no matter how complicated your project needs are.

Here are the reasons to hire our e-wallet booking portal developer:

User-Friendly Solutions

To make money in goods delivery services, you need to build an engaging app that customers can use easily. When we build your app, people can easily access it and specify locations when they would opt for your service. 

Timely Delivery

Nowadays, you need to build a robust app and launch it on Play Store to quickly grow your business. As we are highly experienced in app development, we fill it with awesome features and deliver timely results. With the perfect mobile app, you can earn maximum profits after you emerge in the marketplace


We offer an all-inclusive e-wallet development service at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Our services include maintenance and support with no additional charges. To save your money yet get the best results, hire our developer.   

Play Store Launch

We build and launch your e-wallet app on the Play Store so users can access the same whenever they want. Our team ideates everything and stays by your side successfully even after the launching to make improvements if required. Once we launch your app in the stores, people can access it easily leading that to extend your customer outreach.

Ewallet Development – Our Areas of Expertise

e-wallet Expertise

When it comes to building an e-wallet, opting for our professional service can be the right choice. 

Once you share your ideas with us, we do whatever it takes to fulfill your demand. 

Take a look at our areas of specialization: 

Mobile Wallet App Development

We offer high-quality mobile app development solutions that easily manage credit, debit, and prepaid gift cards along with various cryptocurrencies and give direct access to bank accounts. Our developers build apps that ease payments near P2, Quick Response(QR), Near Field Communication(NFC), and Magnetic Secure Transmission(MST). We bring out innovative ideas from our minds to deliver unique solutions that set you apart from your competitors. 

Custom Programming

We build and add exceptional features to your mobile wallet app such as digital ID management, loyalty card tracking, reward points, archiving, and receipt generation. Besides these features, we add security in the form of fraud protection and fingerprint scanning. If you want an all-inclusive e-wallet app development and integration, hire our dedicated developers.

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

Our developers build bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallet apps for buying, trading, and liquidating. We also develop hardware wallets to store cryptocurrency offline that include features such as private and public key management, mapping apps to find brick-and-mortar vendors, and access to exchange platforms. We always keep ourselves updated with the latest mobile app development trends to offer forefront services in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency world. No matter how complicated your requirements are, our bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain developers can do it all for you easily.

Merchant Mobile Wallet

We customize business-centric mobile app wallet solutions to maintain consistency between computers, tablets, and smartphones. Our developers add features such as time-tracking(for contractors and freelancers), invoice generation, cost dividing allowance, and Automated Clearing House(ACH) interfacing. 

Mobile Wallet Integration

We make the most of open+source APIs to integrate mobile wallet features into websites and applications. The third-party e-wallet integrations include Google Pay and Apple Pay. Our skilled developers know how to perfectly integrate your e-wallets with third-party POS software to boost their functionality. 

Cross-Platform Mobile Wallet Development

Our e-wallet developers build native (Android and iOS) and cross-platform apps with first-rate UI/UX designs. We offer top-notch solutions such as – no click NFC transactions’ push notifications, simple multi-card management, and social media/messaging functionalities(Facebook Messenger and Apple’s Messages)

QR Code Configuration

Our digital e-wallet development services make money exchange easy for users. With the modern QR code features, you can connect to many people, pay bills instantly, scan easily, join groups and download different apps. 

IBeacon Technology and Bluetooth

We implement Bluetooth and Ibeacon technology to enable your e-wallet to connect with nearby devices and exchange data/information with them in seconds. These technologies help you to acquire information about objects close to you.

E-Wallet Development – Features We Add 

e-wallet featured area

When you hire our e-wallet developers, we ensure to add the best features and provide you the ultimate solution. 

Here are the features that we include in your e-wallet:


You can transact with nearby users who share similar platforms.

In-app Camera

The integrated cameras scan QR codes to pay, accept and transfer payments. 

Safe and Secure Transaction

We offer special codes so users can enjoy safe and secure transactions.

Full Protection 

When you build an e-wallet from us, it ensures full safety, security, and protection of your monetary transactions.

Push Notifications 

This feature sends notifications to users about offers, rewards, transactions, and promotions.


As your e-wallet is portable, users can easily carry it anywhere and pay via both online and offline modes. 


Users can choose cards from different categories to do the payment. 


This feature enables using a single card on various platforms with no risk of data breaching. 

Auto Backup

Your mobile wallet built by us has an auto-backup feature that restores old data. 

Digital Receipt

Users get digital receipts of all transactions at their mobile numbers, apps, and emails.

Friend Referral 

Users can refer your e-wallet to other people and give them rewards. 

Gift Vouchers

Your e-wallet gives rewards and loyalty points to users that boost engagement and profits. 

Hire Ewallet Developer from Us to Meet Your Demand


Are you looking for an all-inclusive e-wallet development service at a reasonable price?

Hire ewallet developer from us to meet your demand.

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