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Employee Transport Management Software- Sorting The commutation Needs

The Corporate world is always bothered by a little problem, commute woes. Heavy traffic, long traveling hours, and women’s safety issues during office commutes have been big issues, and managing all has been arduous. One of the major reasons behind this is the transportation system’s efficiency, which often takes a lag. Transport departments of organizations often find it challenging to provide safe and timely employee transport while keeping the costs and complexities under the tab. 

Today we are going to talk about employee travel management software development. The software will make commutation easier and ensure everyone maintains a smooth tab. An employee travel management software design has been developed so that better attention is imparted to the details of the transportation requirements. Moreover, it can eliminate small mistakes and errors. 

Webrock Media has designed a corporate transportation solution that ensures a hassle-free employee commute experience. An efficient employee transport management system will provide a reliable and secure commute. We have tried to emphasize every aspect of the mobility solutions with utmost care. We promise that our design will assist you fully. 

You can easily incorporate our employee travel management software development services if your business is small or big. Our mobility solution will automate and streamline the transportation operations like booking rides, route optimization, shuttle services, driver dispatch, billing, & more.  

How Can One Benefit From The Software?

One Benefit From The Software
One Benefit From The Software

The Employee travel management software application has been designed to handle traveling requirements. Our top prerogative is ensuring that our client understands what we are trying to do before they consider investing. 

But you can digitize your entire transportation system and provide your employees with the best solution to all their woes. We have built the software with diligence and patience to ensure that there are no scopes for malfunctioning. With our software, employees can be guaranteed a smooth traveling arrangement, and they do not have to worry about being late or how to get the safest commutation! The software application is built in a very rigid pattern and can easily accommodate any industry’s needs.

Before going further, you should know how the software works. It will be fruitful before making a concrete decision.

1. Request For a Ride:  The employees must download the employee travel software application and log in using the company details. Once the details are verified, they can request a ride. The employees can cancel their rides if there are any changes. 

2. Auto Dispatch: After the employee has placed a requested ride, the auto-dispatch method will automatically dispatch the ride. The system will send the request to the nearest driver to the employee’s location. The driver will pick up the employee from their pickup location at the right time. The whole process is automatic, which reduces the chances of any errors.

3. Monitoring: One of the best things about employee travel management software is that you can monitor each trip. The dispatch manager can keep track of each trip during operations hours. Employee travel management software development will help you survey each trip via the dashboard to ensure smooth operations.  

Features of The Employee Travel Management Application

Features of The Employee Travel Management Application
Features of The Employee Travel Management Application

The entire forte of our best services at Webrock Media is based on quality products. As your employee travel management software development agency, we will create an application with features like shuttle services, female-specific cab options, late-hour transportation arrangements, night services, and much more. We assure you that our software can incorporate various factors for an effective & reliable transportation system.

The elements of employee travel management software have been divided into divisions to make you understand the benefits. 

Employee Benefits: 

  • Our application will show the direction and the timing details for every trip. It will make it easier for those who want to book.
  • Time estimation is important in corporate offices. You can easily track the ride and assess the exact time required to reach the office. 
  • The application will incorporate any last-minute requests. 
  • Security is another priority; to ensure security, each employee must check in with a pre-assigned QR code.
  • Employees can access the driver’s profile, vehicle number, pickup location, and other details.
  • In case there is an emergency, an SOS button has been provided. With a single tap on the button, the dispatch manager will come to know the situation & can address it at the earliest.
  • There is a rating system where you can rate the trip. 
  • There is an added option for help & support. If there is any unforeseen discrepancy, you can contact the support executives, who will solve your problem as soon as possible.

Driver Application Benefits

  • The drivers can have detailed knowledge about upcoming trips to plan accordingly.
  • The pickup and drop locations are shared with the drivers.
  • There is a navigation panel if the driver can not determine the route.  
  • There is an option for them to choose to be online or go offline at their discretion.
  • There is an SOS button for the driver; they need to tap it in an emergency. 
  • The software application allows them to calculate their earnings for the trips. 
  • There is a help and support team for the drivers too. In case of any trouble, they can contact them. 


  • An admin can monitor the trips effectively. They are the most important people entrusted to manage drivers and employees for a smooth and effective transportation system. 
  • The admins can create a schedule to incorporate the trips for easy understanding.
  • The admin can ensure that the travel route is effective with fewer stops. The application allows the admins to make their suitable pickup & drop locations routes. 
  • The admins can view the ride request and manage them effortlessly. 

A Quick Word:

Employee Transport Management Software
Employee Transport Management Software

Webrock Media is a one-stop destination with state-of-the-art transport management software applications for your existing business or start-up. We can incorporate all your customized requirements to build the most efficient software best suited for your business. The major intent of developing this employee travel management software application is to guarantee that employees do not face commuting problems. Arranging transportation for employees is a burdensome job, and every organization must hire a separate system to manage this process. Our software guarantees you you can get the best employee travel management.

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