Why Is A Food Delivery App Development Solution Necessary?

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A Food Delivery App Development Solution Necessary

A food delivery app development solution is an attractive way to build a relationship with the customer. It is highly innovative and an easy way to make a connection with food-loving customers. 

The Global pandemic has created the need for online food delivery apps. People nowadays want to indulge in healthy food options. You can build your delivery apps like Uber Eats or Zomato. Webrock Media can provide custom-made, on-demand food delivery app development solutions for your restaurant business.

You can hire food delivery app development agencies and be assured that our food delivery application development services will include integrated Covid 19 safety features. We can integrate the latest safety features like safety badges for the delivery boys, contactless delivery, self-screening of the delivery executives, etc., into the app.

On-Demand Food Ordering App Solution:

On Demand Food Ordering App Solution
On Demand Food Ordering App Solution

If you are a budding entrepreneur, want to venture into the on-demand online food delivery business, or are planning to join the food delivery market, you can come to us. Our professionals will guide you through our development stages and provide a quotation. 

Webrock Media employs efficient developers who can create top-notch food delivery app designs to assist app owners in staying ahead in the competitive industry. We will also ensure that the online food delivery solutions comply with the user’s convenience and provide them with a great experience of food delivered to their doorsteps in the shortest time. 

What Is The Nature Of The Workflow Of The Food Delivery App?

The Nature Of The Workflow Of The Food Delivery App
The Nature Of The Workflow Of The Food Delivery App

Login: Users must register in the application by putting their details like names, mobile numbers, email IDs, etc. 

List of Restaurants: Our food delivery application will help the users browse the list of all restaurants and find their preferred one. They can order their favorite food items in one go and deliver them to their homes. 

Placing Orders: Customers can place orders from any food joint and deliver them to their current address on time.  

Processing of Payment: Users can have the convenience of choosing from multiple payment options like Debit cards, Internet Banking, UPI payment, etc. 

Notifying Restaurants: This feature will help to send an instant notification to the managers or the admin as soon as a new order request is generated so they can start processing the order for timely delivery.

Assigning Orders: The delivery person can have the option to either accept or reject a delivery request.  

Tracking Orders: Orders updates can be easily tracked by the admin. 

Real-Time Requests: Customers can get real-time updates and notifications about the precise location of the delivery person. 

Ratings & Reviews: Customers can rate the food quality and the delivery service. They can write their opinions & grievances, if any. 

What Will One Get When Launching a White-Label Food Order App Development Solution?

One Get When Launching a White Label Food Order App Development Solution
One Get When Launching a White Label Food Order App Development Solution

Covid-19 has brought the online delivery system into our lives. Restaurants are indulging themselves in innovative ways to attract customers. Customers have the advantage of ordering their delicious cuisines. 

Along with these features, there are some other elements of the online food order application, such as :

  • Main website 
  • Admin web panel
  • Customer app for Android
  • Restaurant application for Android
  • Restaurant application for iOS 
  • Customer application for iOS
  • Driver delivery application for Android
  • Delivery driver application for iOS 

COVID-19 Safety Addons: Integrated Into Food Delivery Application:

COVID19 Safety Addons Integrated Into Food Delivery Application
COVID19 Safety Addons Integrated Into Food Delivery Application

Every online food delivery application solution has four panels: the User App, the Admin Panel, the Restaurant Panel & the Driver App. 

These panels have different features & and functions together that make the app work seamlessly, giving the customer a great experience of having food delivered with a single click.

Apart from these, we can incorporate the following features into the app.

Contactless Delivery: We can integrate more safety features to keep both the customers & delivery personnel safe. 

Safety Reviews And Ratings: We are one of the most preferred app development companies that have added a new feature, “Safety Reviews & Ratings.” This feature will allow users to rate the safety measures the delivery boys should abide by during each delivery. 

Takeaways: This particular benefit will help the customers collect their orders effortlessly.  

Safety Badge for Drivers and Restaurants: We have integrated the latest safety guidelines that all delivery personnel need to follow. They can be awarded safety badges for maintaining the safety protocols, which can be featured in the delivery app profile.   

Mask and Glove Recognition: We have incorporated an additional mask and gloves recognition feature for delivery executives in our online food delivery app.  

Some More Optional Add Ons:

Some More Optional Add Ons
Some More Optional Add Ons

Order Through Websites: Users can order from the app and website.

Refunds: If the order is canceled, the admin can initiate a refund after deducting the cancellation charge.

Order for Others: We have integrated a feature where users can place an order for their family & friends. 

Call Masking: This feature will allow the delivery boy and customers to talk with each other without using their personal numbers. 

Heat Map: The admin can segregate the delivery locations with maximum orders so it becomes convenient to direct the delivery executives for seamless delivery. 

In-App Chat: Customers can easily chat with the delivery boy via the in-app chat or call option. 

Reorder: Users can also use the reorder option by visiting the order history page. 

Why Choose Webrock Media For App Development?

Food Order App Development Solution
Food Order App Development Solution

We can develop unique, 100% customizable food delivery app solutions. If you contact a brilliant food delivery app development company like Webrock Media, you will receive a premium development package at competitive prices. Our team of professionals works hard and will design the overall structure of our app in such a way that it can meet all our customer’s expectations. 

The cost of developing an online food delivery app may vary because of the type of application, the complexity of the features, the tech stack, the design, and the pricing models. If you hire us, we guarantee that we will offer you a flexible solution and update the existing features as per the requirements to stay in the competition. 

We will provide a dedicated team that is coordinated &  motivated to offer you the best. Our technical support team is always available to sort out your problem. Our food delivery app development services will help your restaurant business expand prosperously. 

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