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Get Rapido Clone Development at the Best Prices

Bike taxi services on the smartphone have emerged as one of the most advantageous services, which provides services like no parking hassle, and pick up & drop in convenient locations. Online bike taxi applications have become one of the most popular ride mediums. Customers can now easily request a ride through the app and get it at their pick-up point within a minute. The ride then drops off at their destinations without any hassle. Business owners can look forward to these best platforms that can help ease the transportation sector.

Rapido clone is a promising bike taxi application and works precisely the same as the original. Rapido has been providing the best bike taxi rides and has gained immense popularity. Anyone willing can join in as a captain; a driver’s license and a bike are all they need.

Rapido clone is a bike taxi-sharing platform where commuters can easily book a ride online. If you are thinking of launching a similar platform, contact Webrock Media for Rapido clone development, and you could offer bike taxi dispatch services to your customers.

The concept of bike taxis has become a very sustainable Entrepreneurship idea. If you want a Rapido clone app design, Webrock Media can create it for you. We can build the best Rapido clone App and always focus on quality. We will be honoured to assist you in building the Rapido clone script with advanced features that will provide users convenience.

How Does The Rapido Clone Work?

 The Rapido Clone Work
The Rapido Clone Work

Firstly it is essential to know how the application works, which will clear your doubts and help you decide if you want to proceed with our services. Our application is straightforward; we do not use any complex process.

Book A Ride: The initial step is to book a ride. After downloading the application, the user will have to create a profile. Then you can select your pickup and drop location, and the estimated fare will be displayed on the screen.

Acceptance Of Ride: When you have placed a request for the ride, it will be transmitted to all the captains nearby your location. The captain can either decline or accept the ride. The one who accepts the ride will be allowed to complete the trip.

Completion of the Trip: The captain reaches your location for pick up after the ride request is accepted. Riders can track their journey with the help of the map. Once the captain drops you off at the desired destination, the ride gets completed, and the fare is paid.

What Comes With Our Rapido Clone Development Services?

Comes With Our Rapido Clone Development Services
Comes With Our Rapido Clone Development Services

Webrock Media has developed expertise in building applications for clients globally. Webrock Media will develop the best Rapido clone app for your business. We offer a comprehensive package which includes all the necessities to launch the Rapido clone application. The potent inclusions of the package are 

●    Rider Android & iOS application.

●    Captain (driver) Android & iOS application.

●    Rider Web Panel.

●    Official Application Website for Reference.

●    Panel for the Dispatcher.

All these are essential for the Rapido clone package to make the application work effortlessly without any glitches.

What Does The Application Offer?

The Application Offer
The Application Offer

When you are willing to hire Rapido clone app development services, it is crucial to analyze its features. Here are some of the essential features our Rapido clone app designer incorporated for easy usage.

Smooth Booking Procedure: We have tried to keep the booking procedure easy so that customers do not have to go through a difficult process. The simple booking procedure will help to retain more customers easily. Riders can easily request a ride & get the services at their pick-up point within a minute. 

GPS Tracking: We have incorporated the GPS tracking system in our Rapido clone application. GPS shows the exact location; hence, if the rider captain does not know the location well, they can follow the map. 

Multiple Payment Options:  People nowadays do not carry cash, so keeping this in mind, we have built multiple payment options. Customers can now choose net banking or UPI payment methods for easy transactions. Customers must choose the payment mode from the application before booking the ride. 

Trip History:  A trip history option helps to facilitate easy incorporation of all the last ride details. The history will include the pickup & drop location, the date of the journey, and other details like the rider history, payment method and the trip’s total fare. Trip history is important as an easy reference in case of any unseen problem. A rapid clone app design agency like us will see that the application works at its best.

Rating System: Customers can rate the trip after the ride service is completed. A rating system is an excellent method to provide perks to those captains who get a good rating. Our designers are creative in making a user-friendly, innovative design which is attractive and easy to navigate. We always develop eye-catching concepts for your application, which will help to attract users and make your service stand out.

Codes & Referrals: We have also incorporated the option to offer codes and referrals for clients who are invaluable assets. Once the customer applies the coupon code, the total fare is reduced by a given percentage. Customers can also earn by referring to friends and family and getting a referral bonus or discount. 

Cancellation of Booking & Customer Support:  You may need to cancel a ride booking. Our application is designed to allow you to cancel the booking easily.

We have also put in our best efforts for a customer support team who will address any grievances at the earliest. The customers can contact the support team via call or chat.

A Final Word:

Rapido Clone Development
Rapido Clone Development

Webrock Media has always tried to provide customized and affordable services. The pricing has been made budget friendly according to the requirements of every client. A good Rapido clone developer will intricately design the application, automatically allowing the users the simplest platform to book a pocket-friendly ride. A competent Rapido clone app designer will customize the application, keeping in view every user’s experience.

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