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Likee App Clone Development: Our Service Offerings

WebRock Media offers best-in-class Likee app clone development services at the most reasonable rates. 

Creating small videos to various background music or dialogues has become the new entertainment for many. Most of us love to lip sync or dance to peppy numbers, and sharing these on social platforms has become exceedingly popular. One of the best applications in this domain is the Likee app. It is the leading entertainment based application, and it’s easy usability has made it a top choice among enthusiasts.

If you want to launch a new business and want to develop a Likee app clone, then you are at the right place.

The facade of the Likee clone app is built so that individuals can get access to numerous amazing features that help them carve the amazing short videos and that too with minimal editorial efforts. Furthermore, the application is built to allow for your customized preferences as well, which makes it a great choice.

The Likee clone app was built to make entertainment easy for all those who want to make it more digitized in approach. At WebRock Media, we aim to make sure that we can craft software that works best for you!

There are also personalized options in the Likee clone app, which ensures that you can put in your bits of creativity to make the application more comprehensive. The Likee clone app has been built with great care, and we hope that your entertainment gets the boost it deserves!

What Is The Likes Clone Application?

What Is The Likes Clone Application
Likee App Clone Development: Our Service Offerings 3

People who are a bit tech-savvy would know that entertainment has seen new proformas in today’s world, and there are various modes to get the best as well. One such Prolific entertainment-based application is the Likee app, which ensures that everyone who loves creating videos gets the best possible assistance. The application is very easy to use, and there are simple editing tips to make your videos crisper.

The main idea behind the Likee app clone is to make sure that all those who love to sing or dance find the best platform to portray their expressions. You can choose to pick up audio suitable for your performance and then use the same to either dance or act.

Numerous features make the Likee application one of the best in the domain. We have tried to develop a script similar to the proforma of the application and ensured that there are some inclusions, which makes it the most coveted variant in the field of entertainment-based applications.

Features of The Likee Application

Features of The Likee Application
Features of The Likee Application

To ensure that we can get the clients a power-packed Likee clone development, we have tried to incorporate numerous potent features that make it the most premium entertainment-based application. All of these can be customized depending on your requirements, and then the benefits can be leveraged so that you have the most outstanding experience using our application. Some of the most potent inclusions under this domain are:

Video Recording, Editing, and Sharing

We have tried to incorporate a system where all the three factors mentioned above- recording, editing, and sharing become a cakewalk. The very essence of this application is to make sure that the users can use the application to record amazing videos and that too very easily.

There are some options for editing the videos, and most of these are very basic. However, it allows the users to make sure that they can add a bit of professional touch and make it look more presentable in front of the masses. The sharing option, in particular, has been incorporated so that the social media handles can be linked as well, and everyone can witness your talent.

Special Filters

Filters tend to look amazing in the pictures and create an amazing look for your videos. The likee clone development package planned by us incorporates tons of amazing features and ensures that you can bring in your touch of creativity and look amazing. In addition, there are numerous filter options available, making your videos look more aesthetic.

To make this filter option a notch higher, we have also incorporated the 4d filter option. The 4D effects render a more aesthetic undertone and add to the charm. It makes your videos look very different and makes the quality at par.


Not only can you choose to create videos of your own on the Likee app clone, but there are also options to collaborate as well. For example, the duet option lets you perform with your friends and family on your preferred audio tone. The duet option has been particularly incorporated for making the application more comprehensive.

Earn Rewards And Shares

It is known that physically, we can’t hand over rewards to all the users. Hence the reward option has been incorporated in the Likee app clone to earn small points. The rewards are gifted when you take part in certain challenges or have unlocked some points.

The social sharing option is the most convenient and makes the application much easier to use. The facade is built so that you can choose to share the videos directly to any platform you want. Linking the profile to your social media handles is the best possible resort to follow.

Basic Features of the Likee Clone Application

Basic Features of the Likee Clone Application
Basic Features of the Likee Clone Application

As a software development service that focuses on the holistic development of every application, we have tried to do it with our Likee clone development services. Some of our most coveted inclusions under this domain are:

Easy Sign Up and Manageable Profile

As most would know, The Likee app clone is a solution for your entertainment-related requirements. Hence we have made the onboarding process very easy, and that too with a very simple login procedure. You need to mention very few personal details before your account gets set up.

Managing the profile is also very easy, and you can also choose to make changes whenever you want to. In addition, there are 8 personalized options available, which makes sure that you receive all those videos that comply with your preferences.

Inbuilt Editor

One of the best things about this particular Likee app clone is that you do not need to go forth and download another editor to edit your videos very easily. Instead, an inbuilt editor comes with the application itself, which enables you to edit and add a professional touch to all your videos. The editor is very simple to use, and you do not need professional knowledge.

Music Library

We have incorporated tons of music options in the Likee app clone so that the users do not face any shortage of options when they want to create a video. The music library is filled with amazing options, all for your usage!

Like, Comment and Share Videos

Who does not like to get appreciation, right? Because of this, we have incorporated the like, comment, and share option in the Likee app clone. So, if you like a fellow participant’s video and want to boost their morale, it is very easy to like, comment, and share the videos. Not only that, they can even choose to like, comment, or share on your videos as well!

Privacy Settings

The application is built on the ideals of sharing videos and photos. Hence having a strongly built privacy option is very important at the moment. So we have incorporated tons of privacy features in the Likee app clone, all to your disposal to build the most secure community for you.

If you see that there is a profile that has been disturbing you, you can choose to report the same. The profile will be reviewed, and if deemed necessary, the account will be suspended from usage.

Parental Control

Parental Control is one of the advanced features we would like to boast about. The control feature has been particularly incorporated in the Likee app clone to have a say on what their children are watching or posting online. Parental Control, we think, is the need of the hour, particularly at an age when our children are getting exposed to so many stimuli!

Secret Chats

Do you also want to get connected to another user who is currently using the platform? Then we have introduced the secret chat option just for you! It lets you get connected at the earliest and talk via the Likee app clone itself without exchanging numbers on the first go!

Why Choose WebRock Media For Your Likee App Development Services?

Why Choose WebRock Media For Your Likee App Development Services
WebRock Media For Your Likee App Development Services

Currently, in the market, there are too many choices. However, it is also very important to understand that the work profile of WebRock Media has been the best, and hence choosing us won’t make you repent. Some of the major reasons why you should rely on us for your Likee clone development services are:

Customizable Approach

Yes, you must create long-lasting applications and generate interest among the public. It is the major reason we place such a high value on originality and guarantee that our service reflects this. Every project we do ensures that it stands out from the crowd.

An application must be unique and stand out from the crowd to be sustainable and appealing to the people. So our professionals keep in mind as they endeavor to come up with the most original concepts without sacrificing quality!


One of the most significant factors to consider is whether or not you will receive prompt aid in the event of an emergency. At WebRock Media, we have made every effort to ensure that, if you require assistance, one of our staff members will contact you and give prompt support.


Now comes the most significant feature that distinguishes us from any other viable option. Before you employ a Likee clone app developer, make sure they are cost-conscious and capable of providing high-quality services. It is one of our most powerful foundations, and we have made certain that it does not operate as a hindrance.

Likee is one of the most convenient and interactive platforms, and developing the right Likee app clone could be rewarding in the longer run.

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