Taxi App Development Services- Why Should You Get One?

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Taxi App Development Services- Why Should You Get One

Recently, all the services we get are online, through the mobile phone. The traditional ways of availing of taxi services have become outdated, and new ride-booking forms have replaced them. The hard work of the mobile app development companies has led to the growth of food delivery apps, online shopping apps, Taxi App Development, and many other services that have started to gain ground quickly. 

Taxicab services have become a part & parcel of daily life. The functionality of these taxicab apps is simple. The users have to install the app on their mobiles. Users must register and save their locations, so booking a taxi with one click is easy. The taxicab app allows people to choose the cab they want to commute in. Taxi App Development is unlike any other delivery app. It has a GPS and multiple other features offering excellent services. 

What Are Its Salient Features?

 Its Salient Features
Its Salient Features

WebrockMedia has developed this software application, and here are the different features for admins, passengers and drivers. Taxi App Development provides the admin panel with reports and helps them analyse all platform activities. The admin panel features are essential for monitoring the whole thing systematically.

Features For The Admin Panel: 

Features For The Admin Panel
Features For The Admin Panel

The admin panel controls all the functions on the platform. So, the features of the admin panel should be potent enough to deliver excellent service. 

Sign-up: This feature is for security purposes & to cater to multiple admins. Admins can log in to their dashboard to monitor work. 

Managing Drivers: The Taxi App Development allows admins to control cab drivers.  

Request And Schedule Management: If a driver declines a request, the admin can direct another driver to take the booking. An Admin is responsible for managing the scheduled bookings.  

Tracking Cabs: They can follow the taxis on service and monitor the drivers for efficient management. 

Price Fixing, Discounts, & Offers: Admins have the power to fix prices for different rides. They can also set the rates considering factors like distance and traffic. They can send discounts & offers to customers.  

Reviews & Feedbacks: Admins can manage the reviews and feedback posted by the customers. This will help him to improve the cab services and know what customers think of the services.  

Features For The Passenger’s Panel:

Features For The Passenger Panel
Features For The Passenger Panel

The passengers are the soul of the taxi app. There are features such as SO and multiple drop-off point selections on our taxi app to make it more appealing to the customers.  

Sign-up & Setting A Profile: The passenger has to sign-up and create a personal profile. This will help to keep all their booking information. 

Booking Or Scheduling A Ride: We have incorporated an essential feature of booking or scheduling a ride. This feature will let the passenger request a cab for a ride. There are options for designing a ride or booking a taxi for somebody else, which is a necessary option. 

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking: The app automatically connects to a nearby driver when booking a ride. The passenger can track the driver in real time while waiting for the cab. They can even share the ride location with a trusted member while continuing the journey. 

Fare Estimation And Multiple Payment: Fare estimation will allow the passenger to know the exact fare before starting the ride. Our application has multiple payment options for the customer’s convenience. The payment method is convenient enough as they do not have to take cash with them.

Alerts & Notifications: Passengers can get access to alerts & notifications about the app and its services, including public safety announcements, cost cuts, offers, and rate changes.  

Ratings And Feedbacks: Taxi App Development should value the passenger’s opinions and allow them to provide ratings and feedback. Feedback helps to clear any grievances and allows for improvement of the services.

In-App Chatting: An online taxi service platform should have features that can help communication. The driver and the passenger can talk to each other after a ride booking is made. The passenger can either call or chat with the driver through the platform. After speaking with the passenger, the driver can take the booking or decline the ride request. 

Access To Booking History: The booking list option is incorporated into the app. Passengers can access their travelling history. 

Features For The Driver’s Panel:

The driver’s app can be developed with more features that make the application’s functionality effortless while designing the Taxi App Development services. There are fewer chances of wasting time, as the driver will reach the location once the booking is made.

Sign-up: It is crucial to sign-up on the app platform. The drivers should provide a profile consisting of all necessary information.  

Availability & Request Management: The driver can have the opportunity to mark their availability on the platform. They can manage their booking requests. They can either accept or decline the ride booking with a valid reason.  

Navigation & Route Selection: The driver’s app consists of a live mapping algorithm that allows them to navigate the location of the passengers quickly. The GPS will enable them to pick the best route and complete the ride on time.

Fare Calculation: Our Taxi App Development has a feature to provide an automated fare as soon as the ride is completed. Passengers can make the payment by choosing any alternative gateway.  

Accepting Payments: The driver can ask the passenger to use any payment metrics system mentioned in the app. The passenger can pay online or in cash as they think best.  

A Note About Us:

Taxi App Development Services
Taxi App Development Services

Webrock Media is a reputed app development company. We have a lot of industry expertise under our hat. Our dedicated and expert website designers and app developers work continuously to ensure the success of your software. You can call us for top-notch taxi app development if you are related to the travel industry. Entrepreneurs and small taxi chains can create unique taxi app development solutions and add drivers to their network, which will automatically assign pick-up or drop-off options for customers to the exact location.

We have an excellent project portfolio of various types of work we have accomplished for our esteemed clients. Our development team is always ready to take up challenges to offer you the best & latest software applications in the taxi app development field.

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