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Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates

A Taxi Booking platform is the new order of the world. People can just book their ride at their convenience, and the taxicab will drop them at their location. Developers can build your Taxi app using the latest Taxi Booking software. We can build a rich taxi booking app straightforwardly. Our knowledge of using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript will help us build the software. Readymade Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates are available online, where you can check through the various packages. 

The demand for taxi app development has been quite popular since the rise of newbie technology. Taxi booking apps have offered services to passengers looking for on-demand transportation. And the drivers are willing to provide those services.  

The Taxi App Premium Theme & Templates can be put in this way; the theme focuses on the website design, whereas the templates emphasize a single-page layout. 

Taxi App Themes

Taxi App Themes
Taxi App Themes

The Taxi app themes are focussed on the whole design & outlook. The design includes colors, a header, a footer, a sidebar positioning, and many more. The theme is the controller of everything related to the website’s typography. 

The Taxi app theme emphasizes the font style, font face, line spacing, and margins included in the text format. Taxi App-Premium Themes & Templates usually are available in packages.

Taxi App Templates

Taxi App Templates
Taxi App Templates

Templates are specifically created for a single web page. The designers intricately draft templates to construct the theme of a Taxi app. There are special templates which can be made for a particular function or which can be designed to allow a special feature to run. A theme can have multiple templates. A Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates will include all the features and functions packed inside it.  

Webrock Media has been in this industry for years, and our web developers’ continuous research and hard work will surely make your app stand out in the crowd. We use the powerful UI Design system for the framework for your taxi app. 

What Are The Features Of The Taxi App Admin Page Layout? 

The Features Of The Taxi App Admin Page Layout
The Features Of The Taxi App Admin Page Layout

The administrators have full access to the list of users on the Taxi booking app platform. Admin is solely responsible for managing both the drivers and the passengers. They perform all the activities needed for the smooth functioning of the platform. A Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates should include these features. 

Here are the details of the layout features for the admin page. 

Log-In: Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates for the adminś will always begin with the log-in page. 

Manage Profile: The admin can manage his profile by putting the right user i.d and password.  

Menu Panel: The menu panel is the gateway to every function. An admin must perform numerous daily tasks to run the platform successfully. So, the dashboards should be built so that the admin can conduct his duties efficiently from the menu panel.  

Userś List: The admin maintains a proper account of the number of users on the platform from the admin panel. 

Booking Management: Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates have booking management features that facilitate the admin to manage the ride bookings.  

Manual Dispatch: This is an optional template; if you plan to include manual bookings from the platform, you can incorporate them into your app. 

Trip Details: The admin will have detailed records of the trips conducted by the drivers and the fleet under their banner. 
Statistics: One of the admin’s main responsibilities is to analyze and plan the strategies by going through the reports and statistics related to the business.

Taxi App Driverś Page Layout:

Taxi App Driver Page Layout
Taxi App Driver Page Layout

The driverś are the people responsible for driving the passengers to their destination. So their page has various features and a subsequently different layout. You can add other features to your platform that suits you best. Our developers will take care of each of your requests. 

Let us see the most common features of the drivers’ panel.  

Registration & Sign-Up: The driver must first register to give services. The admin verifies his documents before signing in on the platform.  

Manage Profile: In a Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates package, the driver can create his profile on the platform after thorough verification and registration. 

Menu: The driverś menu contains all the functions a driver needs to give his services on the Taxi app. They can view their profile and accept or decline ride booking requests. Each option is pinned under the drivers’ menu panel on the app. 

Manage Trips: The trips the driver completes are recorded on the app.  

Detailed Invoice: After completing each ride trip successfully, the driver needs a detailed invoice. This feature is incorporated too. 

Total Earnings: The driver can keep track of their total earnings after the trip gets completed daily. 
Wallet: Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates have a wallet integration suitable for multiple transactions.

Taxi App Passengers Page Layout:

Taxi App Passengers Page Layout
Taxi App Passengers Page Layout

The passengerś panel is the most vibrant part of the whole module. This page attracts the audience to the platform. The visual layout for the passenger’s panel can vary from app to app. 

Here are some of the basic features of the passenger’s page: 

Log-In & Sign-Up: The passenger goes through the log-in and sign-up criteria. 

Managing Profile: Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates will have a personal profile segment. The passenger can log in or change his profile once they finish the sign-up process.

Booking A Ride: The passenger can book a ride, and the app will help them look for the nearest driver. The riders can also schedule a ride at their convenience. 

My Trips & Invoice: The passenger can check their trips from the records. They can ask for the invoice, so the Taxi booking app should maintain the digital records. 

Wallet: This feature allows the passenger to choose his convenient payment system through the wallet if other options do not work. 

Support: Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates should have features for contact support. Passengers can chat with the customer executives and ask for their help.  
Ratings & Feedback: The passenger can express their mind about the services offered or share feedback through ratings and review options.

A Final Note:

Taxi App
Taxi App

Webrock Media is the best choice for your expectations if you are looking for world-class developers for your Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates. App creation requires high commitment and focus, so our professional developers work through every minor detail to guarantee the best software compatible with each platform. The success of an app depends on its use of the app to its users. So, keeping this in mind, our developers collect all relevant information from app owners beforehand and carefully build their plans. A Taxi App- Premium Themes & Templates should match the users’ expectations, which will lead the app to success.

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