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Design the Most Unique Deliveroo Clone App Today

Webrock Media offers you top-level Deliveroo clone development services at an affordable rate to help you establish your food delivery business and make profits. 

When we are hungry, the first thing that we often think is how great it would be if we could get delivery of our favorite food and that too at home! But as an entrepreneur, have you ever thought about how it could be the perfect business opportunity for you to lay out the basics of your business? There is no doubt about the fact that today there are a lot of unique applications which make things extremely easy. Be it ordering a pizza or even your favorite cheeseburger, everything happens quickly, and that too in a couple of minutes!

Today we will talk about developing one such clone app which has completely changed the face of delivery in the modern world. Deliveroo is an app that has made it big, and the good thing is that it has also acquired a sustainable population in the market! We understand that it can be challenging to start with a new app, so we are here to give you the best framework you can trust. If you want to start your business with things that do not get better than this particular app, you can kickstart your business today!

As an entrepreneur, each one has to remember that we have to build an app that is sustainable and scalable in the long run. Hence, when there is such an innate demand for delivery in today’s world, why not focus on it more? There is no doubt that this particular script is one of the best working models in the domain currently, and you will be able to deploy it very quickly. We have tried to add as many features as possible; however, as a white-label solution, you can also choose to incorporate your own ideas.

We cannot deny that although there are a lot of food delivery apps at the moment, the market is also extensive and constantly expanding. Hence we have to mention under all circumstances that if, as an entrepreneur, we want to create an impact in the market, it has to be through an app like Deliveroo. The clone app script we built is one of the same models as Deliveroo, but the good thing is that it is not identical. After all, we do not want to build something identical to Deliveroo, right?

Unique Features of the Deliveroo Clone App:

Unique Features of the Deliveroo Clone App
Unique Features of the Deliveroo Clone App

We have to keep in mind that when it comes to a food delivery app, both the ones who are ordering and the ones who are delivering are equally important. Hence to enhance their experience more, we have kept a sustainable approach focusing more on client experience and retention. In this model, we will talk about the features we have added for the users and the food delivery partners who will be working for you.

Deliveroo Clone App: User Console

Deliveroo Clone App User Console
Deliveroo Clone App User Console

As an entrepreneur, the first concern should always be how much the users benefit from the features. Some of the most comprehensive features that we have added are:

1. Login/ Registration Screen for the Users

Making the login or registration process simple is crucial for a better client experience. One of the primary reasons behind this is that if we make the registration process too lengthy, clients will not have the time and the patience to go through it. Instead, we have just cut it down to half, and all the clients need to do is incorporate some basic details like name, phone number, and email address. Yes, it’s that simple! 

2. Payment Gateway

One of the most important things we have tried to focus on is that when we can order food, why can’t we pay for the same food online? We understand that clients are often highly skeptical about making payments online and wonder whether their money is in safe hands or not. We have integrated an extremely secure payment gateway to ensure this is a complaint you do not have to go through as an entrepreneur. The good thing is that the gateway is also highly efficient, and it will not take you more than a couple of minutes to complete the payment. 

3. Estimated Time Of Arrival

Has it ever happened to you that after you have ordered food, you kept on waiting for when it would come and did not have any clarity on it? As entrepreneurs, it is essential to think from a client’s perspective and incorporate features that will make their lives easier.

 Because of this, we have added the estimated time of arrival, which gives you a clear picture of how much time remains till the delivery executive reaches you!

4. Add to the Favourites

When ordering food online, we cannot deny that each of us has a favorite restaurant option from where we order every day. To make the option much easier for the clients, we have added the option to mark their favorite restaurants and then place orders from the same. 

The good thing about this feature is that we have made the option of adding more than one restaurant to the favorite list. Hence, whenever the clients access the app, they will not need to hunt through the gazillion options. 

5. Contact the Restaurant / Delivery Partners

It is possible that clients might want to connect with the delivery executive and take updates on where your order is or want to give them directions? This is one of the primary reasons we have incorporated the easy-to-make in-app calls feature. It allows the client to contact the delivery partners and restaurants quickly.

 The good thing about the in-app feature is that because the clients will be using the app as a medium, it will not call for any confidentiality breaches. The number of the client and the delivery executive is protected and safe from misnomer activities.

6. Categorization

One of the significant reasons anybody would open an app is to make sure that life becomes much more accessible, and they can just sit and chill at home while the food comes to their doorstep. To enhance this experience of convenience, we have added the categorization option, which ensures that all the restaurants serving the same kind of food are under one category.

 Hence, supposedly if the client is looking for Italian food, they will be able to click on the Italian option, and all the restaurants near them which are delivering Italian will pop up. It just makes the work extremely easy! 

7. Advanced Search bar

It is true that nowadays, we need more time to go through many options. The common implication is that once you go through all these options, it will create more complexities, and the client will ultimately need clarification about what to order. 

We have added the advanced search part option, and using the same, the client will be able to search for precisely what they are looking for. Not only does the search make using the app much more time-saving, but also it enhances the ease of use.

8. Live Tracking

The next option we have added to make the experience much more promising for the client is the live tracking option. The good thing about the tracking option is that you will be able to monitor the movement of the delivery executive throughout. You can contact them now if they tend to go in any other direction. The good thing about the live tracking option is that it is effortless and does not require you to do much. 

9. Rating and Review

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to understand how the experience was for the client and whether there is room for improvement. It is because of this particular reason that we have added the rating and review option where the client will be able to share how the experience was. 

In the case of a good review, it will always act as positive reinforcement, while a negative one will help you to understand where you can enhance the service better. The rating and review option is significant as it is impossible to contact every client separately. 

10. Add Extra Information 

And finally, there are no doubts about the fact that the food preference of every individual is unique. Hence, we have added the option to add extra information as well. The client can add any special requests they want, and usually, it does not take much time either. 

One of the primary reasons we have to keep in mind is that we are building the app so that the clients can get an experience that is at par. Adding the small features makes it highly appealing to the clients so that they can use it better. 

Deliveroo Clone App: Delivery Executives Console

Deliveroo Clone App Delivery Executives Console
Deliveroo Clone App Delivery Executives Console

To make the work easier for your delivery partners, some of the most impressive features that we have added are:

1. In-App Calls

Not only for the clients, but it is also possible that even our delivery partners need to contact the client for some information. Because of this, we have also added the feature of in-app calls for delivery partners. We have to keep in mind that because you are the one who will be making use of the app to make the calls that there will be no kind of number sharing, which is extremely important. 

2. Waiting Time

After the delivery partner has received the order and reached the restaurant from where they will be taking it, we have added the option of accessing the waiting time. Only a few people know this, but the restaurant takes some time to prepare the order. 

Adding the waiting time feature ensures we can let the delivery partner know how much more time it will take. It is essential to keep in mind that your delivery partners are equally important, and hence these features help enhance the service. 

3. Pick and Delivery Address

If the delivery partner does not know where they will be picking up the order from and where they will be delivering it, then it will be an absolute mess. Calling the client repeatedly for every detail is highly unprofessional; hence, we have added the option of accessing the pickup and delivery address through the app. 

The good thing about this feature is that it is easy to access, and the delivery partner will have no problem. A GPS is also associated, which will help the delivery partner reach the location very quickly. 

4. Payment For the Day

If you look at the revenue model of the app, you will be able to understand that the delivery partner will work on a commission basis with the app. Hence we must add an option where the delivery partner can access the payment for the day and how much they have earned. To make it easier, we have also added the option of requesting money, where they can get the money directly into the bank account.

5. Incentive

There is no doubt that to achieve more, every one of us needs some incentive to motivate us. One such motivator that we have added to enhance the experience of the delivery partners is the incentive option. 

Deliveroo Clone App: Restaurant Partner Console

Deliveroo Clone App Restaurant Partner Console
Deliveroo Clone App Restaurant Partner Console

The restaurant partners of the Deliveroo clone will have access to a lot of features to make their job easier. 

  • Manage Menu

Restaurant owners can anytime update their menu to better serve their customers. They can either add or remove new dishes, toppings, and also the price details to suit their business.

  • Availability

A restaurant owner or admin can manage their availability of dishes with a single tap on their dashboard, with an on/off option. This allows them to keep their business streamlined. 

  • Manage Request

A restaurant owner or manager can decide to accept or reject orders based on the availability of the dish. They can also manage new order requests and process the same based on their availability.

  • Order History

Restaurant owners or managers can see the order history in terms of completed, canceled, on-going and pending order details. The order history also gives them a view of all the orders they have received in a day, week, or month.

  • Offers

Restaurant owners or managers can run various marketing campaigns and put forward new offers to attract more users and encourage them to place a food order.

  • View Review

Restaurant owners and managers can see the ratings and reviews given by the customers and accordingly plan their next marketing strategy and make profits.

Deliveroo Clone App: Admin Dashboard

Deliveroo Clone App Admin Dashboard
Deliveroo Clone App Admin Dashboard
  • User Management

The Deliveroo clone app admin can keep track of all the user details and manage them accordingly for order details and serve their customers better.

  • Order Management

Deliveroo clone app admin can view all the orders like pending, ongoing, canceled, running and completed along with checking and managing the users’ details.

  • Notification

Deliveroo clone app admin can broadcast a specific notification to the app users and customers to encourage them to order food. They can offer discount coupon codes, or referral codes to attract users for more orders. 

  • Offers

Deliveroo clone app admin can attract more users by providing them with new offers, discounts and also by giving them cashback for the orders they place with the restaurant. 

  • Analytics Dashboard

Deliveroo clone app can use the analytics dashboard to track the number or orders they receive in a day, week, month, or year. They can check their business scale, the payments received, and also the commissions earned.

  • Manage Delivery person

Deliveroo clone app admin can check the details of every delivery partner and manage the same accordingly. They can also check the details of all the completed orders, commissions earned, and bank details to better manage their business.


Deliveroo Clone App
Deliveroo Clone App

The incentive is one of the best features, ensuring that if the delivery partner is ready to work more than the stipulated number of deliveries, they will get an incentive. The features of the incentive will change daily, which will be easily visible from this particular feature.

Building an app is not easy, and sometimes it becomes more complicated than it might seem to the naked eye. To ensure that we can make it easier for all our entrepreneur friends, we have come around with the best Deliveroo clone app. Undoubtedly, if you can scale it in the right way, it will surely reach incredible heights! At Webrock Media, our ultimate prerogative is ensuring we can build the most promising structure for your use! We vouch that this is the best app that you can start working with.

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